I'm Aya, a 20-year-old Fashion Management studying at the University of Southampton. I was born in Osaka, raised in London and I now live between Winchester and the capital.

Girl From North London is my little outlet for my love of fashion and style, and my obsession with lingerie. You'll soon figure out that I favour monochrome, but am slowly venturing into the world of colour.

As a UK based student and fashion enthusiast, I find it hard to balance saving and buying another pair of heeled boots, so I favour the high street and often steal clothes off my sister! I'm definitely not one of those fashion bloggers that have gazillion designer bags and spend their life in Harrods. Trust me, the struggle is real.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog as much as I love yabbering on about faux fur jackets and leather skirts.

Thank you for visiting!

Contact: girlfromnorthlondon@gmail.com
Twitter: @AyaOguri

DISCLAIMER: I sometimes use affiliate links for products that I have mentioned on my blog. This means I make a small percentage of the cost of the product back, if you choose to use my link to buy! If you don't feel comfortable with affiliate links, then feel free to type the product name in your search engine, and purchase through that channel. 


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