11 June 2020

My Favourite London Restaurants That Now Deliver

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Agedashi Tofu, Dotori

Eating out used to be my favourite pastime. I love the whole experience of a sit-down meal at a restaurant. The chit-chat as you browse through the menu, deciding whether to share dishes, whether to go for a starter, what to drink... Then onto the food itself, arriving steaming from the kitchen, moving glasses, pepper grinders and phones out of the way as more plates crowd the table. Savouring that first bite of the appetiser - whether it be a steaming oozing piece of burrata, a perfect morsel of kimchi jeon, or one of Dishoom's addictive okra fries.
For now, eating out is a thing of the past (and distant future) but luckily for my fellow Londoners, some of my favourite places to eat are now delivering! Whether you have a birthday or anniversary coming up, or just fancy a treat on the weekend, I've rounded up a few of the best... 

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Pictured above is the from Dishoom's breakfast menu (their chilli cheese toast is to die for) but what I live for is their dinner menu. Inspired by the old Irani cafes of Bombay, Dishoom has taken London by storm with 5 locations across the capital (my personal favourite is the Shoreditch branch), queues of eager diners every night and a cookbook to boot. At their original Covent Garden location, you can expect to wait for up to 2 hours for a table at dinner time but now via delivery you can wait in the comfort of your own home. Their takeaway menu is smaller as they have selected dishes that can "abide a little travel". For my fellow veggies I'd recommend the House Black Daal, Jackfruit Biryani and Pau Bhaji. Dishoom even have their own playlist on Spotify "for extra Dishoom ambience". 

homeslice, pizza, dining, food blogger
Quite possibly my favourite pizza in London. Homeslice are famous for their giant 20 inch pizzas that dominate the tables (and conversations) of their restaurants. A great option for a weeknight date after work - it can't really get any better than sharing a pizza and an Aperol Spritz right? My favourite topping is Mushroom, Ricotta, Pumpkin Seed & Chilli - utterly delicious and unlike any other pizza. Homeslice also are offering a "Take and Bake" option, where they prepare pizza bases and garnishes which can be stored in the fridge/freezer to be popped in the oven at any time and finished with Homeslice toppings.

Homeslice "Take and Bake": http://www.homeslicepizza.co.uk/take-bake

ramen, kanada-ya, food blogger, noodles, vegetarian, veggie
Friends and colleagues always ask me what Japanese restaurants I recommend, and I always point them to Kanada-Ya for ramen. As a vegetarian, it is hard to find ramen with a decent broth as it is traditionally meat-based but the Vegetarian Ramen at Kanada-Ya is hands-down the best veggie broth I have ever tried. It is rich and flavoursome and the noodles are always cooked to perfection. Make sure to include the Truffle Edamame and a bottle of Kirin Ichiban or cold Oolong tea for a winning meal. 

dotori, finsbury park, korean, food blogger, dining
One for my fellow North Londoners here. Dotori serves up Korean and Japanese food in their bustling restaurant in Finsbury Park. I normally go for the Korean menu, as I eat Japanese at home, and their Korean food is so so tasty. I always leave with a full stomach as I can't help trying everything. I'd urge you to try the Oi Kimchi, Kimchi Jeon and Agedashi Tofu. Their Bibimbap and Korean stew pots are also excellent, but I'm not sure how well these travel. If I'm still in lockdown for my birthday, I think I'll have to choose Dotori.

I'm finishing off this post feeling ravenous... I cannot WAIT for my next excuse to get a takeaway. Let me know in the comments if you've tried out any of the above and any lockdown takeaway recommendations - I love discovering new places.

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