5 May 2020

Pictures From Lockdown

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One good thing to come out of lockdown is that I have come back to Girl from North London. I have neglected this blog for almost 3 years, but I have missed writing for myself hugely and am excited to be back.

I'm lucky enough to have outdoor space in lockdown, and have shared a few images from my garden below. The roses are more bountiful this year than any before and have been a real joy.

Flowers are essential in the house as well, and we have at least two vases of cut flowers at a time during these past weeks. The tulips pictured are the 'Sorbet' bunch from Waitrose and are a beautiful multitude of pastel shades. Watching them transition from perfect straight stems to drooping and scattering into madness is enchanting. We've repurchased these three times. Pick up a bunch on your weekly shop if you can.

I have done my share of baking - you'll see that I have jumped on the banana bread trend, marvelled at how the dough swells when making hot cross buns and made chunky cookies (all which disappeared quickly).

While we don't know what the future holds for London, I want to keep updating this little corner of the internet with various bits and pieces from my brain. Watch this space...

Waitrose Sorbet Tulips
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