25 May 2020

Pictures from Lockdown #2

girl from north london, peonies, flowers, decay

We are now starting week 10 in lockdown here in the UK, and the rules have been loosened slightly since my last post. Infinite outdoor exercise is now allowed; you can drive for exercise; and you are allowed to meet one person from outside your household at a 2 metre distance - which includes golf and tennis. In London, the atmosphere does seem to have changed - people seem less tense, more relaxed - although as I write this on a sunny bank holiday Monday, I am aware that our parks are filling up and social distancing isn't always followed.

But it's not all doom and gloom! In this series of images, I share with you:

1) More flowers! I love the way that the peonies change colour and throw out their petals out dramatically as they decay. And I have discovered stocks! I love how sweet these humble flowers are.
2) Japanese cooking - I used to take this for granted but my parents are great cooks - feast your eyes upon the best miso soup ever (mum), delectable vegetable side dishes (dad) and sōmen - cold noodles in a tsuyu dip that we eat in hot weather.
3) The great outdoors - with the new rules stating that we can now drive further for exercise, we treated ourselves with a trip to Trent Park on the outskirts of London and it was beautiful. We also went on a social-distanced walk around our local golf club and marvelled at the empty mown grass as far as the eye can see
4) Me in my natural habitat - reading in the garden, coffee to hand with my trusty Adidas cap keeping the sun off my face. 

girl from north london, japanese food, miso soup, blogger
girl from north london, lifestyle blogger, outdoors, golf club
flowers, stocks, lifestyle blogger, girl from north london
japanese food, lifestyle blogger, somen, cold noodles, tofu, girl from north london
Girl From North London, fashion blogger, book, reading, lifestyle, Girl, Woman, Other
japanese food, cooking, lifestyle blogger, spinach, girl from north londonTrent Park, outdoors, woods, Girl from North London, lifestyle blogger, walk


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