7 May 2020

How to Make the Best Aeropress Iced Coffee

iced coffee tutorial, Aeropress
As the weather is warming up, it is time to switch from hot coffee (mine's a skinny flat white) to iced. As coffee shops are currently unavailable to us in lockdown, I've been practicing my iced coffee skills at home. For those that don't have an espresso machine at home but do have an Aeropress, I've put together a "How To" guide for you, as I know most of the iced coffee tutorials on the internet use an espresso machine.

On a side note, for any coffee lovers who don't have an Aeropress or an espresso machine, I'd highly recommend investing in one. I've been using various cafetières for years and prefer the Aeropress because:
1. It makes the perfect amount for one cup
2. The taste is noticeably better
3. It is much easier to wash up
4. Composting is super easy as the used coffee grounds pop out in a perfect disk straight into your compost or food waste bin.
If you're interested in getting your hands on an Aeropress, I've linked to where you can buy one here*.

For this tutorial you will need:
  • An Aeropress*
  • Ground Coffee
  • Ice
  • Milk of your choice
  • A Cafetière

Measure approximately 1 tablespoon of ground coffee and pour into your assembled Aeropress.

Fill the Aeropress with boiling water up to line 1 marked in the image below. Stir the coffee grounds and water and using the plunger, press down the coffee into a short glass (or mug) of your choice.

Pop your 'shot' of coffee in the fridge for 1 hour. For those who are more impatient, chill it in the freezer for 20 mins.
Once your coffee is chilled, start on the milk. Pour 60 ml of milk into a baby cafetière and pump the filter up and down *carefully* to froth the liquid - Kate La Vie shows how to do this on her Instagram stories here
You should end up with fluffy, frothed milk like below - and should double or triple in volume. 
Pop 1-2 ice cubes into the coffee. Any more will dilute the coffee.
Pour the frothed milk into the coffee. Those of you that are good at latte art could do this now - as you can see this is not something I have mastered yet, but the result is still pleasing.
Let me know how you get on and if you have any at-home iced coffee tips please share them in the comments below.

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