16 May 2020

A List of Things I Miss, Don't Miss, Won't Miss and Won't Forget

Faltering Fullback, Pub Garden, Beer, Pint, Summer, London
The Faltering Fullback, Finsbury Park

I saw this post (and this post!) on Man Repeller and loved the style and honesty of the articles, so I felt inspired to share a lockdown list of my own. If you enjoy this, I urge you to lose yourself in the comments section of the posts on Man Repeller - I loved seeing what we all do (and don't) have in common from all areas of the globe. Let me know your list too - I want to know!

What I Miss

The first sip of a fresh pint

The Guinness Challenge

Linking arms with tipsy friends when moving from one place to the next

The way the seats on the tube bounce when the train is moving and all the heads in the carriage bob up and down in unison

The change in tempo when you enter an exhibition

Wearing heels I can't walk in

Spontaneous plans after work


Not having time for Netflix

Not having time for Instagram

Making lists of places to eat and ticking them off

What I Didn't Think I'd Miss

Queuing for the bus at rush hour

The clang of the bell for last call

Worrying about the marks that sunglasses leave on the bridge of my nose

Needing to put on SPF

Needing to put on shoes

Packing a suitcase

What I Don't Miss

Dreading going out but also fearing that I'm missing out if I don't go

Hangovers (and the paranoia that comes with them)

Feeling so overworked I can't stop to breathe

The Sunday Scaries


Forgetting to message on people's birthdays

What I Won't Miss

Feeling like we're all holding our breath as we pass each other on the street

The hour it takes to sanitise, store, sort and wipe down groceries each week

Spending too much time on Instagram

That weird feeling of exhaustion after a Zoom pub quiz

Going through tubes of hand cream to compensate for the amount of hand washing

Not knowing how to end a Zoom call

What I Won't Forget

That I managed to co-habit with the same three people for weeks on end

That regular exercise makes me feel stronger and more stable

That it got easier by week seven

How we found joy in the little things

The vivid dreams I had each night without fail

How we still came together for birthdays, but in a different way

How great it is (and how smug I feel) not to be hungover every weekend

That our little cul-de-sac continued to bang our pots and pans week after week for our carers

That I can be still


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