18 May 2017

Lingerie Influences Seen On Instagram

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Underwear-as-outerwear is one of my favourite trends at the moment, but is a tricky one to style. So I've recently been turning to Instagram for some inspiration. It has taken a little while to find the best sources, so I thought I'd round up my favourite Instagrammers for some lingerie inspo!

Fashion influx, lingerie influences seen on instagram, lydia rose millen, underwear as outerwear
I've been following Lydia's blog for ages and recently she has been styling up some gorgeous pieces from the high street on her Instagram in a plethora of combinations... who knew lingerie could be this versatile?

lingerie influences seen on instagram, underwear as outerwear fashion blogger
Emma mixes different textures and patterns to layer her lingerie, giving an interesting look that I neeed to replicate. I'd wear the first look ^ from head to toe. 

Alicia Roddy, Lingerie Influences Seen on Instagram, underwear as outerwear, fashion blogger
Pretty much everyone I know follows Lissy. Her OOTDs shot in her aesthetically-pleasing white room (seriously how does someone's home look like that?!) are very on-trend and I love the way she has incorporated the 'underwear-as-outerwear' trend into this.

lingerie influences seen on instagram, underwear as outerwear trend fashion blogger
Although you (almost creepily) never see her face, Talia has got the knack of styling bralets and bodies down. Her preference seems to be for strappy pieces, which are often uniquely styled peeking out of the top of garments.




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