12 March 2017

Vegetarianism: One Year On

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Over half a year ago, I published my post on Vegetarianism: 6 Months In, sharing my early experiences of pescetarianism and interesting realisations that I had come across. Now I've been a pescetarian for a year, I thought I'd post an update, with new struggles and discoveries of mine. Hopefully some of you can relate, and I can help out others that are new to the meat-free diet.

Pesto often isn't veggie!
This one blew my mind, because it isn't well known and when I was growing up I'm sure all my veggie friends lived off the stuff. Basically pesto is made with either Grana Padano or Parmesan cheese, which isn't vegetarian as it contains rennet. I now buy Sacla's Organic Vegetarian Pesto (they also do a Free From version for you vegans) or I like the fresh pesto that you can get from Waitrose. Another random thing to avoid is certain e-numbers - E120 and E542 aren't vegetarian. 

Being a pescetarian in Japan
I'm half Japanese, and my trip over the summer was my first visit to Japan being pescetarian. My choice to include fish in my diet was a huge benefit, as I could still enjoy sushi, sashimi and the many cold noodle dishes that are popular in the summer. However, I did miss out on a lot of my favourite foods - ramen, gyōza, yakiniku, karaage just to name a few. Vegetarianism is practically unheard of in Japan, so restaurants don't go out of their way to provide a vegetarian alternative like in London. Being a lacto-ovo vegetarian in Japan would be almost prohibitive because I always had to turn to fish or seafood during my stay there, which is a shame because the Japanese have an amazing respect for food and the quality wherever you go is very high, and the food is one of the best things about the country.

On a side note, when flying long-haul, I'd recommend that fellow veggies research how to get a vegetarian alternative for meals. You often have to select your 'special' meal before the flight (this applies to vegans and those with allergies too) either by phone or online and the deadline may be 24-36 hours before the flight. This varies for different airlines so I'd check well in advance for their policy.

Food at Christmas
A lot of people have expressed an interest in vegetarianism to me, but often bring up Christmas as a argument against. My Christmas is spent with my cousins, who all have their own dietary requirements, so this year we had 1 pescetarian, 1 vegetarian and 3 vegans round the table which makes things easier. I enjoyed a vegan nut roast, roast potatoes and plenty of vegetables on the day, which I was more than happy with. But admittedly, I was pretty heartbroken about the Christmas Pudding which was 11%(!) beef suet. Next year I'll put in a request for veggie gravy and pudding.

As a final mention, my friend Freya got me The Hungry Student Vegetarian Cookbook for my birthday in August, and I have been loving it. It has loads of yummy yet realistic recipes and a very helpful section at the beginning with advice for vegetarians so I'd highly recommend!

Let me know what discoveries you've made if you've changed your diet and any advice for me down below.

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10 March 2017

Lingerie Influences Seen During Fashion Month

As a self-confessed lingerie addict, I'd never be able to say if underwear-as-outerwear is a trend for a particular season. My eye is automatically drawn to lingerie-inspired looks so I'd be pretty biased to declare it more than a micro-trend. However, with me being the fashion weirdo that I am, I compiled all the underwear-influenced looks into a folder on my laptop titled "Lingerie Influences A/W 17". I ended up with 78 images, so even if it comes from a biased source, numbers don't lie! With the conclusion that underwear-as-outerwear is a trend for Autumn/Winter 17, I thought I'd share some of my favourite looks from fashion month.
Autumn/Winter 2017, girl from north london, chloé, fashion week, underwear as outerwear
CINQ À SEPTCinq à Sept Autumn/Winter 2017, kimono, fashion week
Dolce & Gabbana D&G Autumn/Winter 2017, fashion week
David Koma fashion week Autumn/Winter 2017
Diesel Black Gold A/W 2017, underwear as outerwear fashion week
Ermanno Scervino, A/W 2017, fashion week, underwear as outerwear
GIAMBATTISTA VALLIGiambattista Valli Autumn/Winter 2017, fashion week, corset
J.W.Anderson, fashion week, Autumn/Winter 2017
Jeremy Scott A/W 2017, pink bra
Lanvin A/W 2017, Bella Hadid, fashion week
Marni A/W 2017, bra, fashion week, underwear as outerwear
Naeem Khan, fashion week, lacey bralette, A/W 2017, underwear as outerwear
Nina Ricci A/W 2017, fashion week, underwear as outerwear
Off-White A/W 2017, underwear as outerwear, blue slip, fashion week
Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini A/W 2017, fashion week, bra
Prada A/W 2017, bra, milan fashion week, mfw, underwear as outerwear
Saint Laurent A/W 2017, Paris Fashion Week, PFW, lace body, underwear as outerwear, ysl
Stella McCartney, A/W 2017, fashion week, white bra
Y/Project A/W 17, fashion week, slip, underwear as outerwear
All images from vogue.com

It was hard to narrow the looks down, but I hope you enjoyed my selection! Let me know what your favourite look is in the comments. I'm sad that fashion month has come to an end, I'll miss my evening browse through the shows. Now I need to focus on spring fashion and work out what to wear in the coming months. Anyway, thanks for reading - bisou bisou!
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Want more of fashion month?

27 February 2017

Fendi Fendi | Milan Fashion Week A/W 17

Unlike the Gucci show which took place the same day, Fendi isn't a show that I normally await hungrily. But as soon as the finale videos and close-ups started flooding into my Instagram feed - courtesy of my favourite bloggers - I was entranced. That grey Prince of Wales check, those sheer tulle dresses, and most importantly those BOOTS. Lagerfeld certainly caught my attention this season at Fendi, without the fanfare needed at Chanel. So without further ado, here are my favourite looks so you can drool over them too...
Autumn/Winter MFW 2017
MFW Autumn/Winter 2017 Fall red patent leather skirt
MFW Autumn/Winter 2017 Fall
MFW, Autumn/Winter 2017 Fall
MFW, Autumn/Winter 2017 Bella Hadid, Fall
MFW Autumn/Winter 2017 fall
MFW, Autumn/Winter 2017, Fall, red sheer dress
MFW Autumn/Winter 2017 Fall
MFW, Autumn/Winter 2017 Fall

The colour palette of this collection is very appealing, the grey tones of the check tailoring with a dash of daring red declares that the Fendi woman means business, but still has time for sass. I type this with scarlet nails and feel the same sense of womanly power that the Fendi girl exudes. I love the low V's of the undergarments, and the sheer dresses that barely cover them. Meanwhile the patent leather of the glistening black coat and lipstick red skirt show us that this trend isn't going anywhere. I also love the double choker style necklines and I particularly like the skirt-layered-over-shirtdress look. I first saw this wrong-but-so-right kinda layering on Man Repeller but have seen a few designers showcasing it during my virtual flip through fashion month. It's probably too soon to start wearing this combination myself, but give it a season or two and maybe I'll be walking to work in a similar get-up!

MFW, Autumn/Winter 2017, Fall, bag, accessories
MFW, Autumn/Winter 2017, Fall, bags, accessories
MFW, Autumn/Winter 2017, Fall, Bags, Accessories
MFW Autumn/Winter 2017, Fall, Bags, Accessories
MFW, Autumn/Winter 2017, Fall, Bags, Accessories
 All images from vogue.com

Looking to the accessories, I particularly loved the muted pink of the first handbag and all of the minibags! Completely impractical, but so adorable! I also think the 3 wallets on a ring is so unique, and of course the fluffy handle of the last bag won me over.

So which was your favourite look? And let me know if there's any other shows from Milan Fashion Week that I should check out!
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24 February 2017

STREET STYLE: London Fashion Week A/W 17

So I may be a bit biased ^ but I have to say that London always produces the best street style during fashion month, although New York has a major disadvantage with the weather (a lot of outfit-smothering coats). Perhaps it's the element of cool? The perfect balance of polished yet undone? Anyway I'll let the images speak for themselves and you can let me know what makes London so stylish down in the comments. 

fashion, OOTD, outfit, layering
Lucinda Chambers, Vogue, fashion outfit ootd
fashion, outfit, OOTD
fashion, outfit, ootd
christopher kane, fashion, outfit, ootd
fashion, outfit, OOTD
fashion, outfit, ootd
fashion, outfit, OOTD, friends, slip dress, layering
fashion, outfit, OOTD, puffa jacket
fashion, outfit, OOTD, j.w.anderson bag, pink dress, jeans
fashion, outfit, OOTD
fashion, outfit, OOTD All images from Business of Fashion & Vogue.com

It's like a class in layering right? What I've learned today is:

1. A pastel or pop of colour can really lift an outfit, especially in dreary February
2. Layer as uniquely as possible - a turtleneck under a shirt under a knitted corset under a puffa jacket? Fashun.
3. Go casual with the footwear. Who wants heels when you're trekking from show to show?
4. It's all about length - try an ankle skimming coat like Lucinda Chambers or a long dress or skirt, layered with jeans or thigh-highs should you desire!

Thanks for reading and follow me on Pinterest for more street style updates!


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