26 December 2016


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Sorry for the silence on here for a while... I could write a looong post all about 3rd year stress and writer's block and lack of inspiration but I won't bore you with that. Instead I've decided to return with a street style post focused on my all-time favourite trend: faux fur. I can't leave the house without a faux fur element to my ensemble and I've noticed that other girls can't get enough of it either! 

My tips for styling faux fur:

1. Wear with confidence
The faux fur coat is a sassy piece, there's no doubt about it. So put on those huge sunglasses, add a bold lip and own it. 

2. Style with streamlined pieces
Faux fur is quite bulky, which gives it's warmth and makes it more attention grabbing. But to avoid it making you look bigger, it's best to style with slim-fitting jeans or skirt. One of my current favourite outfits is pairing my faux fur jacket with skinny jeans and over-knee boots.

3. Choose your faux fur wisely
We are lucky that the high street offers a plethora of gorgeous faux fur options, but nothing looks worse than poor quality faux fur. The worst looks matted, fake and sheds so make sure you've checked out the piece in person before purchasing!

As always, I've created an accompanying Pinterest board for more faux fur street style inspiration, and follow me while you're over there for fashion, beauty and other pretty things!

Let me know if you want more faux fur posts... I'm thinking of putting together a wish list and possibly an OOTD. 
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