1 August 2016

WISH LIST | August 2016

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Happy August! I'd like to begin by apologising for my unintentional hiatus from blogging. I ended up working for a designer sample sale last week, on top of catch ups and gallery visits. Life gets in the way of blogging sometimes, and unfortunately I'm not organised enough to have a stock of posts ready to release when I am too busy to write. Maybe someday! Anyway I'm starting my birthday month off with a wish list as always, which is perfect timing for any last minute gifts (just kidding).

The first piece is a card holder from Stella McCartney. It's in the same style as her famous Falabella bag, and is a beautiful powder pink colour. One thing I don't like about the Falabella bag is that it seems rather floppy - if you set it down it will sag open to reveal it's contents. Obviously, as a cardholder, this isn't a problem so you get the chain detail in a sturdy style.

Next up is a beauty item. I am obsessed with SPF at the moment, as it's so important to protect your skin from the sun, especially in the summer. This "eau de soin" from Bioderma is a water-based mist with SPF 30, so is easy to apply during the day. It can even be used over makeup, which is why I am interested in it. I apply SPF 50 under my makeup every morning but obviously this can't last, so this would be the ideal solution to protect my skin throughout the day.

Zara has got such a good shoe selection at the moment! The one pair that caught my eye are these heeled silver slides. They look like a cross between mules and loafer slides (which are both trending at the moment) as it has the toe of a loafer, but a block heel and open back. The metallic silver of the leather sold it to me, as it makes a daytime shoe a statement piece.

Plunge swimsuits are everywhere right now and I love them. I selected a simple black number from Urban Outfitters as the shape alone is daring enough for me! It's the perfect shape for those that want to cover their stomach (i.e. me) but still has the sexy element of the plunging V. Plus, how great would it be to not stress out in the changing rooms over tying those pesky bikini strings?!

I first saw these culottes over on Lizzy Hadfield's (shotfromthestreet) ASOS Haul and instantly wanted them. I'm having a bit of a love affair with culottes at the moment (see here and here) but I haven't got a pair of light-coloured ones. I also adore the tailored look of these, and seeing how stunning they looked on Lizzy won me over.

The last item is a powder pink lace bra from & Other Stories. I was drawn to this piece as it is the perfect balance between sporty and girly. The angular shape and visible seams give a sporty vibe, whilst the scalloped lace and pink colour add femininity.

Hope you enjoyed this wish list, and please share your favourite item in the comments! I'm off to Japan on Friday, but I hope to upload one more blog post before I go. I'm also planning to write plenty of travel posts on my holiday when I'm back!
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  1. Great picks! I love the bag and swimsuit the most!


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