30 August 2016

What I'm Loving In... August

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I'm soo sad that my favourite month, August, is on it's way out. But I'm determined not to get too down about summer's forthcoming departure, as I still have a month left before I return to uni and lots of exciting stuff planned. Anyway I thought I'd do a monthly favourites post, as I've been loving a few bits in August that deserve to be talked about! Onto the stellar products...

Heart Shaped Sunglasses
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monthly favourites, heart shaped sunglasses flat lay harajuku
As you may know (I went on and on about it on my Twitter, Insta and the Blog) I went to Japan this month, and whilst I was there I picked up these cute sunglasses from Harajuku! I've wanted a pair of heart-shaped sunglasses ever since I started listening to Lana Del Rey. I love the thin metal rims and the coloured lenses, which transition from purple to yellow. They're such a statement pair and so appropriate for summer!

OPI Tiramisu For Two
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OPI has been my favourite nail polish brand for years now, I find their formula shiny and long-lasting and the brush is really easy to use (unlike their competitor, Essie). I saw this shade in my local pharmacy and fell for the pale nude colour. When I got it for my birthday, I was naturally ecstatic. It looks beautiful on, and is such a fresh and modern colour - unlike anything I've worn before. Also, how cute is the name?!

NYX Lip Lingerie // Bedtime Flirt
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monthly favourites, NYX lip lingerie lipstick bedtime flirt, swatch, beauty blogger, selfie
This liquid lipstick is another birthday present, and I love love it! I've wanted one of these for a while because:
1. Liquid lipsticks are my thing
2. Lingerie is an obsession of mine
3. Everyone has been saying how good NYX are
And I can see where they're coming from! The formula is opaque and super easy to apply. It's matte, a look I've been obsessed with ever since the Instagram baddie trend, AND it smells yummy. I also dig this shade, it's a beautiful dark nude with pink and brown undertones.

The Girls by Emma Cline
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Monthly favourites, books, the girls emma cline lifestyle blogger
So many people have recommended this book, both on and offline, and I'm going to have to join the chorus. It was a last-minute airport buy and I'm so glad I picked it up. I started reading it on the beginning of a 3-hour flight and finished it upon landing - that's how gripping it is. It's set in sixties California and is about a bored teenage girl and how she becomes involved in a Charles Manson-esque cult. I love the dreamy, summer feel to the novel and whilst I've never been in a cult, I can definitely relate to the protagonist. I can't recommend this enough - if you read one book this summer, read this one!!

LuLuLun Moisturising Face Mask
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monthly favourites, beauty, lululun moisturising 7 day sheet mask, blogger
Quick disclaimer: my Japanese reading isn't that great so I can't tell you much about what this mask claims to do or what is in it.

What I do know is that it's v. moisturising and v. convenient. It is super easy to apply - just take it out of the packet and lie it on your face for 10 minutes. It feels nice and cooling on the skin, and pretty much forces you to recline so is very relaxing. I like to do this before bed, and then leave the residue on the skin to sink in overnight. It's also a good excuse to snapchat multiple selfies to your friends. I bought this in Japan, but I found an Amazon link for it ^^ so you can get it too!

What have you been loving in August? What products do you want to get? And have you read The Girls?!
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