4 August 2016

20 Things For 20

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I watched this video over on sunbeamjess' channel (love her by the way) that she made for her 22nd birthday, and as mine is today I was inspired to write a blog post in a similar format to mark the occasion. So I'm going to list 10 things I've learnt at 19 and 10 things I want to achieve before 21.

10 Things I've Learnt

1. To-do lists are amazing
Writing a to-do list really helps me plan out my day and motivates me to get everything done. I type them out on the Reminders app on my iPhone the night before, which ensures I wake up at a reasonable time and have a productive day. I don't forget to do certain tasks and it's so satisfying to cross items off!

2. Put things away as you go along
This is something that you've probably heard a million times before, but it really makes a difference. Putting items back once you've used them is a tiny task, in comparison to facing an entire bomb site of clutter.

3. Iron!
Ironing your clothes can be such a bore I know, but creased clothing really lets an outfit down. Spend 10 minutes to make a piece look it's best and make you look more put together. Not leaving garments crumpled on the floor and hanging things up also helps minimise creasing.

4. I love reading other blogs
Bloglovin' is one of my top visited sites, because I love to sit in front of my laptop with a latte and catch up on my favourite blogs. Currently, I've been enjoying: Man Repeller, Hannah Louise F, Shot From The Street and most recently, Cattitude & Co. I find their imagery and writing inspires me to up my game and I love getting a response when I leave a comment! Leave me any suggestions for new blogs I should follow!

5. Flat lays are life
There's nothing a blogger loves more than a good flat lay, and I've definitely jumped on the flat lay bandwagon over the last year. I wrote a blog post on Mastering the Flat Lay and even have dedicated a Pinterest board to the photography style.

6. Cuticle oil
...has improved my nail game so much! I currently use the Sally Hansen one (read my review here) and my cuticles look healthier and much less noticeable. The annoying white skin around my nails has pretty much disappeared and the bottle looks like it's barely been used. Definitely something I'd urge you to invest in.

7. I also love face masks
Until last year, face masks haven't really been on my radar. I saw them as unnecessary and something I couldn't justify buying for myself. However after I received the Lush Cup o' Coffee mask I was an instant convert. Masks force you to relax and I see a real difference in my skin after using one. Other favourites are the MONU Hydrating Mask and the Malin + Goetz clarifying clay mask

8. My housemates are the best
I moved out of halls and into private rented accommodation last September with two friends, Hannah and Aneesha. Our place is lovely and homely and we get on super well. We have movie nights and cook meals together and I love getting ready with them on a night out. I'm looking forward to living with them again when we go into 3rd year. Girls, if you're reading this - love you!

9. A part-time job does help
I got my first official part-time job last September, when I started working at a coffee shop. Although there were times when I hated it, the money I earned paid the rent and meant I could afford little luxuries once in a while. I also learned to cope in a high-paced, stressful environment and I now know how to use a coffee machine!

10. Internships are well worth the work
I want a career in the fashion industry, which can be very competitive to get into, and while my current course (BA Fashion Management) does help, experience gives me the edge. I did an internship in June at M&S, and am going to do one with Temperley London in September. Internships are great for CVs, but I've found the actual experience just as valuable. Seeing the job roles we learn about in uni play out in real life gives me an insight I can't get anywhere else.

10 Things I Want To Achieve

1. Improve my blogging
I've had Girl From North London for over a year now and my blogging has definitely improved since my first post. But I still want to do better. I want to invest in a proper camera in the near future (I've been using my iPhone up until now) to up my photography skills and improve my imagery. And I want to get better at planning out my posts and scheduling, to have more consistency in uploading posts.

2. Have more variety in the meals I cook
When I'm at uni I cook about 90% of my meals, and I find that I easily slip into a cycle of making the same 6 recipes over and over. So I want to make a change and start introducing new meals, and try to cook from scratch when I can!

3. Travel more
This may sound a bit silly right before I jet off to Japan, but I think travel is something you can never get enough of. I'd more specifically like to visit European cities - Barcelona, Antwerp, Berlin and Milan are all on my wish list.

4. Get better at budgeting
I think I'm pretty good with my money, but I always pay for everything with my card, and tend to avoid checking my balance. So I want to be more aware of my spending and budget my income. I might even start making a diary of my spending.

5. Make more thoughtful wardrobe purchases
I've learnt a lot about the social impact that the fast fashion industry has, and I want to change my buying habits as a result of this. So I plan to buy less, but spend more per item. By buying quality pieces that don't follow fad trends, I'm likely to keep the piece for a lot longer. I also will endeavour to donate or recycle old clothes instead of binning them.

6. Visit more markets
I have got better at broadening my cultural horizons, in terms of exhibitions (attended 8 this summer and counting) but I've barely touched the huge market scene that London hosts. Considering I've lived in the capital since the age of one, the fact I've only attended one or two of the major markets is pretty shameful. So I want to see more, starting with Columbia Road Flower Market and Portobello Market.

7. Go to more gigs
A few years ago I went through a faze of attending a lot of music gigs, but I haven't been to one since I started university 2 years ago. This is mainly because I wasn't living in London, meaning I couldn't get to venues as easily. But I hate missing out on seeing my favourite artists, so I'm going to make the effort to see them even if I have to travel, because I know it will be worth it.

8. Get more involved in the blogging community
I don't have many blogger friends and I'd love to get more involved with the blogging community. Whether its attending blogger events, taking part in Twitter chats or meeting like-minded bloggers online, I want to participate more in the blogsphere. Comment below if you know good ways to get involved!

9. Get better at Japanese
I'm half Japanese, and I attended Japanese Saturday school for 9 years. I have the knowledge somewhere in my head, but after not using it for several years I've become rusty and have little confidence when speaking it. So, starting with the trip I'm flying off to as this post goes live, I will aim to improve my Japanese and build my confidence.

10. Graduate!
I can't believe that I am about to enter my third and final year at uni. I know everyone says this, but university has absolutely flown past. I'm graduating next summer, probably around July, so I will still be 20. I hope to graduate with a decent grade, knowing where I want to work, and with all my friends. I also hope to be wearing a major dress or jumpsuit and a beautiful pair of heels!

Let me know if you enjoyed this post, and maybe I'll do something similar in a year!

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  1. Loved Jess's video and your post! I have a lot of similar goals haha :) x


    1. Thank you Sha! I've checked out your blog and it looks so nice! xo


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