2 July 2016

WISH LIST | July 2016

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TOPSHOP thread through earrings | NASTY GAL off-the-shoulder dress | MISSGUIDED sleeveless duster | MANGO lingerie set | YANKEE CANDLE peony | STORETS ruched sleeve top

I feel like I say this every month, but how is it July already?! I really need to make the most of this summer before it speeds away. July should be exciting though - I've got a mini break to Bath planned and friend's birthdays to celebrate. I'll probably be celebrating mine in late July, as I'm going to be on a 12-hour flight to Japan on my birthday (5th Aug).

Anyway, onto the wish list! I'll start with these thread-through earrings from Topshop, I love their simple graphic design. Earrings are often the only jewellery I wear, so I like to make a statement in this area. And as always I went for silver.

There seems to be a version of this striped off-the-shoulder dress in every store on the high street at the moment, but this Nasty Gal number is my favourite. I like the length of the sleeves, and how it cinches in at the waist - very flattering. The monochrome is to my taste, and I like how the stripes are thin and spaced out.

Possibly my favourite item on the wish list is this navy sleeveless duster from Missguided. I love how they styled it as a dress in the above image, and the silky material means it can be dressed up or down. This makes it an incredibly versatile piece as it can also (obviously) be worn for it's original purpose - smart, light outerwear - over culottes or a midi skirt. 

Continuing on with the navy theme, I simply had to include this gorgeous lingerie set from Mango. I love the pairing of the delicate lace with a more sombre, grown up colour. Triangle bras with a long line design are also harder to come across, which makes the set more unique.

I've been really good and not bought a single candle for over 2 months! So I reckon I deserve to purchase a new one sometime soon. I have my eye on the Peony scent from Yankee Candle, and as this is a wish list, of course I included the large size. The candle has a beautiful fresh scent which is perfect for summer, and like many bloggers I have an affinity for peonies.

I was alerted to Storets by Man Repeller, and the brand has a plethora of gorgeous pieces. I had to include this top as I've been lusting over big sleeves and that shade of blue is so current. The fab thing about a loud design like this is that the bottom half needs to be simple, which makes for easy styling. Just stick it over a pair of jeans or a black skirt, add a chain bag and a good pair of heels (I'm thinking some like these) and you have the perfect outfit for British summertime!

What is your favourite item from this month's wish list?
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  1. Simple and Stunning !
    What a good post ,
    Great post Looking forward to more !

  2. Omg that sleeveless duster is amazing!!


  3. the storets top is too gorg!


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