4 July 2016

Vegetarianism: 6 Months In

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So today, I thought I'd talk about something a bit different: my diet. I became a vegetarian (or more specifically, a pescetarian) in the new year after learning about the impact that the animal agriculture industry has on the environment. This really resonated with me, as I am passionate about the environment, so after finding this out, I really couldn't justify eating meat anymore.

I chose not to give up fish, as omega-3 fatty acids are hard to maintain in a vegetarian diet, especially as I am on a student budget. Also, I am half Japanese and fish is a large part of our cuisine, so I decided not to cut out fish for cultural reasons too.

I've not eaten meat for 6 months now, and I've actually found this lifestyle change quite enjoyable. Living with two veggie housemates definitely made things easier, as they introduced me to vegetarian meal options and communal meals are always vegetarian-friendly. I thought eating out would be hard, as veggie options can be limited, but I now go for interesting dishes that I wouldn't have even looked at before and often am pleasantly surprised. Another positive point is that a lot of vegetarian food is not always, but often a healthier option so it has helped me eat better too.

The only struggles I've had are:
1. BBQs - what the f*** can you eat other than halloumi and salad?
2. Random sneaky foods that aren't veggie - marshmallows, Trebor mints, omega-3 capsules (they have a beef gelatine shell!)
3. Chinese takeaway - very meat heavy, although probably a good thing for me to avoid health-wise

Overall, my experience of pescetarianism has been a positive one so far. I've probably chosen a good time to switch, as supermarkets and restaurants do offer vegetarian options, and there is a plethora of recipes and info online for people with different diets.

Some links I've found useful:
Cowspiracy (Netflix)
NHS: Vegetarian and Vegan Diets
BBC Good Food: Healthy Vegetarian

Let me know if you're thinking of going veggie, or if you've been a vegetarian for a while and have any advice for me! Please share your thoughts below.
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