19 July 2016

OOTD // Bath

BERSHKA top (similar) | ARCHIVE BY ALEXA ada trousers | ASOS flats (similar) | UO bag (sim/sim)

I wore this outfit during my recent trip to Bath, and I found it was a good balance between chic and practical as I could easily walk around in it all day. I am a huge fan of pink at the moment which you can tell by my top, shoes and nails. I saw this top on What Olivia Did... and had to get it. I adore the colour and find that it is the perfect length to wear with high waisted trousers. 

The trousers are from the Archive By Alexa collection, and I bought them to wear at my recent internship at M&S. The material is good quality and it hangs well as the legs are weighted by the turn-up cuffs. The waist is made adjustable by two sets of buttons (good old M&S) and they're currently on sale! Alexa intended the trousers to be "worn with flats and bare ankles" and I've followed her advice. 

Flats seem much more fresh and modern than heels at the moment. This pair are slingback which is good for hotter weather. The flats are so photogenic that I took hundreds of pictures of them, but had to restrain myself from including them all in the edit. I also reviewed them in this New In post, if you're interested in reading more.

Photography: Canaan O'Neill


16 July 2016

Mini Break in Bath

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For mine and my boyfriend's 3 year anniversary we decided to celebrate by taking a trip to the beautiful city of Bath. Neither of us had been before, so we were both excited to explore a new town and spend some time together.

We travelled by train (an hour and a half from Paddington) and stayed for 2 nights in the local Premier Inn. We found that everywhere was within walking distance, which was perfect as neither of us have a car.

We started our trip with a visit to the Thermae Bath Spa, where you can bathe in naturally-warm, mineral waters in an open-air rooftop pool. The spa also has a larger pool in the basement and several scented steam rooms (my favourite was eucalyptus). The spa currently has a promotion with Great Western Railway, where you get four hours in the spa for the price of a 2-hour session. As we travelled by train, we naturally took advantage of this offer, which meant we got to enjoy all the elements of the spa at a relaxed pace.
thermae bath spa open air rooftop pool
Open-air rooftop pool. Source: Thermae Bath Spa
The next morning we started our day with a scrumptious breakfast at The Boston Tea Party in Kingsmead Square, which was about a two minute walk from the hotel - perfect for rolling out of bed. I got an iced coffee and my boyfriend opted for the banana and peanut butter milkshake. I loved that mine was made with avocado, it gave it a creamy frappĂ© texture. For food I went for the brown rice porridge as it sounded intriguing and Canaan got scotch pancakes with bacon and maple syrup. The porridge was yummy - I loved the mango and blueberries - and it is vegan and gluten free so a good option for those with dietary restrictions. The bf enjoyed his brekkie as well - he'd been craving pancakes for a while!
boston tea party cafe food lifestyle blogger
boston tea party lifestyle food blogger cafe
boston tea party cafe lifestyle blogger food drink girl
boston tea party cafe food lifestyle blogger
boston tea party food lifestyle blogger brown rice porridgeboston tea party cafe food lifestyle blogger cakes
After breakfast, we set off to see the sights, starting with The Circus. Of course I had to snap some pretty houses along the way...
pretty house architecture engllish
pretty house architecture english
After schlepping up a pretty steep hill, we eventually arrived at The Circus which was incredibly picturesque...the circus england houses architecturethe circus england architecture pretty houses
the circus england pretty houses architecture
A short, flat (thank god) walk away is The Royal Crescent, which is similar to the houses of The Circus but in a crescent shape (as the name might suggest) not a circle.
the royal crescent road signthe royal crescent england
the royal crescent
And in typical British fashion, we got caught in a downpour so had to run down a hill (me slipping and sliding in my stupid shoes) to take shelter underneath some trees. Luckily it was just a shower so we could get on with our day.

The most famous (and crowded) place we visited during our stay was the Roman Baths. Although it was on the pricey side, it's well worth a look. The terrace is gorgeous and of course we perched on the edge of the main bath to feel the heated waters. Inside are well preserved smaller baths and rooms (too dark to photograph) that are lovely as well. The visit ended with a cup of spa water - not delicious but all part of the experience!
the roman baths entranceThe Roman Baths
The Roman Baths
Next up was a much-needed coffee ice cream (it was a holiday after all) beside the River Avon, overlooking the famous weir and Pulteney Bridge.
coffee ice cream river nails
pulteney bridge river avon
river avon weirriver avon pulteney bridge weirThe final highlight of the trip was a visit to Sally Lunn's Eating House, the oldest house in Bath and home of the Sally Lunn bun. I chose the "amazing" lemon curd topping, while my boyfriend went for the cinnamon butter option. We washed them down with some delicious raspberry lemonade.
sally lunns buns eating house museum
sally lunns buns cinnamon butter lemon curd flat lay food lifestyle blogger
view from sally lunns window
sally lunns eating house and museum buns
Overall, I had a wonderful time in Bath and would recommend it to anyone looking for a short break with lots to see and do. Like I said before it is perfect for those without a car, and the whole city is so pretty and clean it's a delight to walk around.

To see what I wore whilst traipsing around the city, I've got an outfit post coming soon, so look out for that!

Thank you so much if you reached the end of this post and leave me a suggestion below for where I should take a mini break next!
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11 July 2016

My Most Worn Items

I was inspired to do this post after watching Samantha Maria’s video on her most worn fashion items and accessories. I found it interesting so wanted to share my own, as nothing shows that you love a garment more than wearing it over and over. So I’ve selected 10 key pieces from my wardrobe that are absolute staples, that I’ve styled in as many ways possible, and whose cost per wear is in the £0.0001 zone. There is a LOT of black featured, but these are staple pieces that will go with other items in my wardrobe (that’s my current excuse anyway).

1. High Neck Crop Top
I am a big fan of crop tops, as I wear a lot of high waisted pieces and I love the silhouette that the combination creates. This particular one is black and sleeveless, which means it can be easily styled with the rest of my wardrobe. It's made of a ribbed material which adds a little interest, and has a high neck, which means I can pair it with a mini skirt and not show too much skin.
urban outfitters ribbed black poloneck crop top sleeveless fashion flat lay
How I've previously styled it:

2. Shirt Dress
This black shirt dress has become such a staple in my wardrobe. If I don't know what to wear, I just chuck it on and I'm good to go! It goes well with both bare legs and tights, and it looks really cute with thigh high boots. I can easily transition it from day (white trainers) to night (heeled boots and lipstick) as well. I also have the option to wear it buttoned up to the top, or open to show a little skin. 
black young hungry free yhf shirt dress collarless fashion blogger
How I've previously styled it:

I bought my Superstars last summer and have worn them to death ever since (you can probably tell). I've never been a trainers girl but these are slimmer and smarter than some, and they go with everything (see the many OOTDs below for proof). They are also so comfy! I'm used to pointy shoes and hard soles so these feel like walking on clouds - major plus. 
black and white adidas superstar trainers sneakers fashion blogger
How I've previously styled them:

I love heeled boots. If I could only have one pair of shoes (god forbid!) I'd choose a pair of black leather heeled boots. They go with everything - jeans, trousers, dress, skirt - and you could get away with them for any occasion. This particular pair have a beautiful almond toe, the perfect heel (height with comfort) and are embellished with a gold zip. And they have seen me through many an occasion - I adore them!
asos truffle black almond toe heeled faux leather boots gold zip fashion blogger
How I've previously styled them:

5. Denim Jacket
I've had this jacket the longest out of all of these pieces, and it still looks as good as the day I bought it. I love the sturdiness of the denim and how it keeps me insulated from the wind, but doesn't get too hot. The pockets are super handy - the perfect size for a phone or Oyster card, and I've been known to carry several lipsticks around in it. I bought it in a large as I wanted it to be oversized, and I love how easy it is to throw on and cooly dress down an outfit.
urban outfitters bdg black denim jacket oversized fashion blogger flat ley
How I've previously styled it:

6. Studded Mini Bag
I've had this bag for a long time now, and it has served me well over the years. The sturdy leather keeps the box shape intact, and I love the studded effect. It can be worn over the shoulder or cross-body or I remove the strap and carry it by the handle. It's also surprisingly spacious for a mini bag - I can carry my umbrella, purse, keys, lipstick and Oyster in it all at once! This means I can wear it during the day or on a night out (when cross-body is a must). 
urban outfitters black leather shoulder mini bag silver studs box
How I've previously styled it:

The "leather" skirt is a more recent staple of mine, but it wholly deserves a mention as I wear both of my skirts a lot. They can seem a bit daunting at first, but once I started styling them I realised that they go well with everything. They look cute paired with a crop top, or with a shirt tucked in. Pair them with bare legs or 40 deniers or they look fabulous with a pair of fishnets. The only thing I wouldn't style the skirt with is a leather jacket, which bears the risk of looking a bit OTT.
missguided black faux leather mini skirt fashion blogger flat lay
How I've previously styled it:

Bombers are definitely a trend that everyone is jumping on at the moment, and I confess I'm a follower too. I haven't seen many like my cropped number from Missguided though, so hopefully I don't look like everyone else. I love how close-fitting this cropped jacket is, it has a very neat look which is perfect for smart casual outfits. I love the fact it has silver zips (not a fan of gold atm) and it is fleecy inside (god I sound like a granny) which means the jacket is super soft and keeps me well insulated. 
missguided black cropped bomber jacket silver zips fashion blogger
How I've previously styled it:

Culottes are so cool aren't they? I love their smart yet man repelling vibe. These are a simple black pair from New Look but I also want them in white, navy, stripes, denim... The list goes on. I find them super flattering (high-waisted, tight over the bum, cropped) but not too sexy. You could wear them for work with a smart jumper or blouse, on your day off with a white graphic tee or glam it up with a statement crop top and heels for the evening. In all situs you'd look so cool, so fashion...
new look black culottes wide leg cropped trousers fashion blogger
How I've previously styled them:

10. Sunglasses
Last but not least are sunglasses! These are the cherry on the cake for any good outfit in my opinion. Put on a pair of sunnies and you instantly look put together. Not to mention they protect your eyes and the skin around them from the sun. They're also the perfect solution to any no makeup or hangover day. I currently have my eye on the circle sunglasses from Ray Ban, but these Ebay ones that Lily Melrose has are equally tempting...  
sunglasses new look urban outfitters cat eye circle fashion blogger flat lay
How I've previously styled them:
I wear sunglasses in pretty much all of my OOTDs

Hope you enjoyed this post, I found it quite interesting myself seeing which items have worked the hardest and I’m glad that they got some credit! I’d love to know what your most worn items are - please leave a comment below or if you’re a blogger why not do this post too?
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9 July 2016

STREET STYLE: The Slip Dress

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All images from Pinterest
Today's street style post is on a favourite of mine: the slip dress. The 90s is my favourite style era, so naturally I was ecstatic when slips came back into fashion. They are the perfect piece for summer as their loose shape and spaghetti straps mean you don't melt in the heat, and they're easy to style too!

Tips for styling slips!
1. Layer - a white tee underneath, a leather jacket on top, or a plaid shirt tied around the waist for when you want to cover up.
2. Lingerie? Follow the underwear-as-outerwear trend and look in the lingerie department for your slip. Alternatively, vintage stores often have a lingerie section with hidden gems!
3. Day to Night - cotton slip dresses are perfect for daytime dressing, but make an entrance in a traffic-stopping satin number, like Lily Aldridge above.

For more street style inspiration, check out my accompanying Pinterest board to this post: The Slip Dress. Or for consistent style updates, follow my Pinterest account where I pin street style inspo to several boards on a regular basis.

What was your favourite look?
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