30 June 2016

OOTD // South Bank

fashion blogger, outfit post, london, street style, summer
fashion blogger, outfit post, street style, summer, girl
fashion blogger, street style, outfit post, girlfashion blogger, outfit post, girl, summer, street style
fashion blogger, summer, street style, outfit post
TOPSHOP blouse | H&M leather skirt (similar) | ADIDAS superstars | NEW LOOK sunglasses

My boyfriend took these pictures during our wander on the South Bank after a visit to the Jeff Koons' exhibition at Newport Street Gallery. I'd recommend the gallery, it's a beautiful space and free, which is remarkable these days (my last exhibition visit cost me £20).

The outfit features this wrapover leather skirt from H&M, which has a beautiful tulip shape and the wrapover detail adds interest with an asymmetric hem. I paired the skirt with this blouse I've had for aaaages from Topshop, and added my trusty Superstars and sunnies. I'm also wearing hoop earrings, which I wear so much I'm considering investing in a pair of silver ones. It was the perfect ensemble to wander round Central London in June.

Photography: Canaan O'Neill
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27 June 2016

The Wrap Choker

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I first spotted the wrap choker on the beautiful Claire Marshall (pictured below) and fell in love with the simple yet fresh take on the choker trend. I bought mine on Ebay at a reasonable price and I adore it! The choker is basically a long piece of suede cord with metal ends. The ends of mine are a simple silver shape but I believe they come in different spike designs and colours as well.

Claire Marshall, necklace youtuber beauty
Source: https://www.youtube.com/user/ohhaiclaire
To wear it, you wrap the cord twice around your neck and then tie it into a bow or a knot in the centre. It could also be made shorter or longer by wrapping it round once or three times. I've seen designs on the market that are pre-tied with a clasp at the back, but I prefer having different options.

fashion blogger, aya oguri, necklace, tie, jewelleryfashion blogger, accessories, tie necklace, jewellery, bow
necklace tie fashion blogger, bow, jewellery

Would you get a wrap choker? Share your thoughts on the new trend in the comments :)
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25 June 2016

Current Beauty Favourites

skin care, makeup, cosmetics, maybelline concealer eye palette, scrub, spf garnierI will be the first one to admit that I’m no beauty expert, but lord knows I read enough beauty blogs and watch enough YouTube tutorials to have more than an inkling. I also know (overanalyse) my body and my face well enough to know what works for me and what looks and feels good. So I thought I’d round up some makeup and skin care that I’ve been loving lately, because these bad boys seriously deserve a shout out.

Garnier Ambre Solaire SPF 50+ Face & Neck sun cream screen beauty blogger
After reading many articles on the damage and ageing effect the sun has on our skin, I have been on a mission to find an SPF to wear underneath my makeup. I'd done some research on appropriate sun protection for the face, but all the product suggestions were way out of my price budget (like the Kiehl's or Shiseido ones). I didn't want to spend that much for it to pill under my makeup or disagree with my skin. Anyway I picked up the Ambre Solaire option and I was pleasantly surprised. It doesn't leave a white residue and my makeup applied without hassle over it (I put it on after moisturiser and before primer) and at £8 it's a very reasonable investment into my skin!

maybelline the eraser under eye concealer perfect and cover blogger makeup
I had to include this as I am now on my third tube of this stuff and still obsessed. It’s super easy to apply - I just swipe it under my eyes in a triangle shape, before blending it in (and it blends beautifully) with a brush, beauty blender or finger. I then set it with a little translucent powder and my dark circles are covered. I find concealing the under eye area really lifts the face, and I particularly like the brightening effect of the concealer and it’s light, non-cakey formula.

sally hansen vitamin e nail cuticle oil E45 intense recovery sensitive hand cream skincare
I have been using this duo every night to pamper my hands and nails. I purchased the cuticle oil as I have acrylics so I don't want to ruin my nails with unsightly cuticles! It's about £7, which is very reasonable as I have been using it for about 2 months and the bottle still looks pretty full. I find the packaging pleasing, and my cuticles look so much better as well. This hand cream from E45 doesn't look or smell sexy like some, but for an eczema sufferer like me, it soothes and moisturises my skin effectively. Unfussy but it gets the job done! I'd highly recommend it to anyone with sensitive skin. 

st ives sensitive apricot gentle face scrub skincare blogger
I discovered this on the bathroom shelf of my family house so decided to give it a go. I am a big fan of the original St. Ives face scrub, so was intrigued to see the difference. The grains in the Gentle scrub are much smaller, so don't feel as rough as the original, with the same subtle apricot scent. I prefer it to the original, as it feels less harsh, but on days where my skin feels particularly clogged I won't hesitate to whip out the original formula. I've been using it 2-3 times a week to keep my skin bright, and I've been really enjoying it!

maybelline the blushed nudes eyeshadow palette drugstore blogger makeup cosmetics
How pretty is this palette? I've been after pink/blush eyeshadow for a while so I had to get it. For drugstore eyeshadow, the colour payoff is good and it has a beautiful buttery consistency that blends out easily. I love the colours, there is a good balance of light and dark and lots of lovely pink and gold shades. The only negative is that there is only one matte shade in the whole palette, which doesn't bother me too much but keep that in mind if you're looking to purchase it.
maybelline the blushed nudes eyeshadow palette pink gold shades drugstore blogger makeup cosmetics

Let me know your thoughts on these products and what beauty products you're into at the moment. I'm always looking for new recommendations!
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11 June 2016

STREET STYLE: Summer Loving

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model off duty fashion blogger girl from north london ribbed dress layering ootd outfit
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model off duty girl from north london fashion blogger lace slip dress floral ootd outfit
oriental model off duty look fashion blogger white shirt dress chic ootd outfit
black slip dress white trainers fashion blogger ootd outfit chic
All images from Pinterest
The hardest thing about dressing in summer is looking chic and elegant without overheating. When its hot, it is really tempting to throw on a pair of denim shorts and a crop top but now I'm nearly 20 (cry) I want to look more put together. I want to wear ensembles that are more appropriate for lunch and cocktails than the beach. So with the help of my best friend Pinterest (have you followed me yet?) I've put together a board on Summer street style, and I've selected my favourite looks above.

How do you look chic in the heat? Let me know down below!

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I love sharing style inspo...

5 June 2016

WISH LIST | June 2016

TOPSHOP cactus preppy sunglasses | VALENTINO small lock bag | ASOS cross strap sandals | NYX lingerie lipstick in ruffle trim | TOPSHOP belted shirt dress

How is it a new month already? Not that I struggle to make a wish list post, I don't ever run out of new things to lust over.

I've noticed that Topshop has some new gems in, starting with these sunglasses. I bought a pair of their "preppy" style a couple of years ago and was heartbroken when I found them broken at the bottom of my handbag. Naturally I was ecstatic to discover that they've released new designs in the same "preppy" style so I'll have to pick up a pair next time I'm in store. I also fell for this belted shirt dress as it was in a "Long Weekender" edit on their home page, worn unbuttoned at the top and bottom (see below). I love the relaxed yet chic vibe and it would be super easy to style.
Source: Topshop.com
How gorgeous is this lock bag from Valentino? I love it's muted pink shade and the signature bold studs. It's also the perfect size for socialising, I reckon it could fit a phone, lipstick, mirror and card holder without a problem. The chain strap is polished and versatile - the bag can be worn cross-body or on the shoulder at a shorter length.

I, like everyone else in the blogosphere, am super excited about the arrival of NYX in Boots! I really want one of their liquid lipsticks, and was attracted to the lip lingerie line as I am an undergarment fanatic and I was sold by this post on Fashion Influx. Lydia's swatches also led me to want the shade Ruffle Trim, a beautiful warm nude shade with pink undertones.

Sammi Maria introduced me to these ASOS sandals in this OOTD post from her holiday in Santorini. I thought they were a beautifully simple style that I could pair with anything in the summer but aren't too casual (like Havaianas for example). They're also pretty inexpensive yet look good quality. I could even pair them with the shirt dress above to recreate her look!

Getting prepared for warmer climes...

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