17 January 2016

Mastering The Art of The 'Flat Lay'

One of my New Year goals for my blog is to improve my photography, more specifically the blogger/Instagram trend of the flat lay. For those who don't know (if you've been living under a rock) a flat lay is a arrangement of a few items (stereotypical examples include Diptyque candles, MAC lipsticks, that morning's Starbucks) captured from a height to give a bird's eye view effect.

Determined to achieve my goal, I developed a Pinterest board dedicated to flat lays for inspiration, which you can see here. I then turned my room upside down finding bits that were small or "Instagrammable". I found a spot with good daylight (studio lights are better, but I'm a poor student) and arranged away. Below are the results!

1. The Fashion Book
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For this flat lay, I experimented with the objects peeking in from the edge of the frame, and layered the smaller beauty products over larger items. The white background (I used an A3 sheet of paper) works well as the objects stand out nicely. The Fashion Book is a precious possession as I won it for best GCSE Textiles final project. The inside cover includes a message from my favourite member of staff, wishing me luck for my future in fashion. As I'm currently completing a fashion degree to pursue a career in fashion (and running a fashion blog) it's a nice reminder that my passion is long lived. 

2. Vogue on Denim
flat lay, instagram, fashion blogger, beauty
I decided to arrange this flat lay on my wooden floor, which has more homely feel than the white background. This image includes a Vogue article on denim, which made me consider ditching my skinnies for straight legs with some great street style. I'd recommend! I also ran downstairs mid session to make an espresso as I thought it was totally necessary for the image (#firstworldproblems). 

3. The Metallic Make Up Bag
flat lay, instagram, fashion blogger, beauty, fragrance, perfume, make up
This image was inspired by this make up bag that my housemate Hannah got me for Christmas. She was naughty and went over the budget but I am grateful for the lovely gifts she got me. I wanted the flat lay to look like the products had been (neatly) tipped out of the bag. I found that using a mixture of small, large, thin and round items helped balance the image out.

4. The 'Essence' of an Outfit
flat lay, instagram, fashion blogger, calvin klein underwear, perfume, earrings
I experimented with a textural background for this shot. It's actually my white faux fur coat from my recent OOTD. This image is supposed to give the essence of an outfit, by including the underwear, jewellery, footwear, bag strap and fragrance. Going from the "essence", I reckon the outfit would be a sexy tuxedo or a sheer blouse and leather pencil skirt.

I want to continue working on my flat lay skills, so hopefully you'll see an improvement in future blog posts! If you've got any tips for a flat lay newbie, then holla at me in the comments below.
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