26 December 2016


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All images sourced from Pinterest

Sorry for the silence on here for a while... I could write a looong post all about 3rd year stress and writer's block and lack of inspiration but I won't bore you with that. Instead I've decided to return with a street style post focused on my all-time favourite trend: faux fur. I can't leave the house without a faux fur element to my ensemble and I've noticed that other girls can't get enough of it either! 

My tips for styling faux fur:

1. Wear with confidence
The faux fur coat is a sassy piece, there's no doubt about it. So put on those huge sunglasses, add a bold lip and own it. 

2. Style with streamlined pieces
Faux fur is quite bulky, which gives it's warmth and makes it more attention grabbing. But to avoid it making you look bigger, it's best to style with slim-fitting jeans or skirt. One of my current favourite outfits is pairing my faux fur jacket with skinny jeans and over-knee boots.

3. Choose your faux fur wisely
We are lucky that the high street offers a plethora of gorgeous faux fur options, but nothing looks worse than poor quality faux fur. The worst looks matted, fake and sheds so make sure you've checked out the piece in person before purchasing!

As always, I've created an accompanying Pinterest board for more faux fur street style inspiration, and follow me while you're over there for fashion, beauty and other pretty things!

Let me know if you want more faux fur posts... I'm thinking of putting together a wish list and possibly an OOTD. 
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5 November 2016

THE BLOGGER TAG | Girl From North London

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The lovely Gemma, from justsaygem, tagged me to do The Blogger Tag which she helped Abbie Chic create, in order to get to know other bloggers better.

1. How tall are you?
I'm between 5'6" and 5'7". 

2. Do you have a hidden talent?
I don't think so... but I can play the cello if that counts?

3. What's your biggest blog-related pet peeve?
Repetitive e-mails from companies that I've politely turned down, and getting added to mailing lists that I didn't sign up for! The latter is against the law in the UK so please don't do it!

4. What's your biggest non-blog-related pet peeve?
People that are unnecessarily rude and cat calling. Actually nothing rubs me up the wrong way more than creepy men that deliberately intimidate girls. 

5. What's your favourite song?
As I'm really into music, I don't think I can give a single answer. But at the moment I've got Mac Miller's latest album The Divine Feminine on repeat, and Dang! is my current fave on that. 

6. What's your favourite social media?
Probably Instagram, but I've gone back to an old favourite, Tumblr, over the last month. I wrote a post on my Favourite Fashion Blogs on Tumblr a while ago, so check it out if you're into Tumblr too.

7. What's your favourite time to spend free time when you're alone?
Hmm... I'd say curling up in bed with a vanilla latte, good music and a magazine. I also love putting my headphones in and going on long walks in the summer... but I always end up calling my boyfriend or bestie to join me after a while - I love experiencing stuff with people.

8. What's your favourite junk food?
Ice cream! My favourite flavour is coffee, especially if it's strong.

9. Do you have a pet?
No, and I never have apart from a couple of goldfish that didn't last long. I desperately want a dog, perhaps a Rottweiler or an English Bull Terrier. 

10. What are your favourite fiction and non-fiction books?
A hard one, but I'd have to say either Atonement by Ian McEwan or The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger. For non-fiction, I loved Pretty Honest by Sali Hughes - it's really nice to dip into.

11. What's your favourite beauty product/tool?
My Beauty Blender. I use it for foundation and concealer, and nothing else blends liquid products so easily and flawlessly. The result is so natural - I can't go back to brushes!

12. When was the last time you were embarrassed?
Ugh, I constantly embarrass myself!

13. If you could only drink one beverage (besides water) for the rest of your life, what would it be?
It would have to be coffee, I can't go a day without it... Plus the fashion industry runs on the stuff!

14. What is your favourite film?
Oh god, too many! I'll narrow it down to 3: Pulp Fiction, Battle Royale and Springbreakers. 

15. What was your favourite subject at school and why?
In GCSEs, it was textiles because fashion (duh) but I wasn't too fond of my teacher for Textiles A Level, so I preferred French during sixth form. 

16. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live?
I want to try living in Japan, perhaps in Tokyo or Osaka. But I think I'll always come back to London, I do love this city, hence the name of this blog.

17. PC or Mac?

18. Last romantic gesture from a crush/ boy/girlfriend/ spouse?
My boyfriend sent me a postcard from Dublin. 

19. Favourite celebrity?
Lana Del Rey

20. What blogger do you secretly want to be best friends with?
Bryanboy because he's fabulous and I love his sense of humour, and Hannah Louise as her style is an edgier version of mine, so I'd always steal her wardrobe. 

21. Who is your biggest inspiration?
Leandra Medine of Man Repeller.

22. What is your favourite blog to read?
Man Repeller is a constant (see above) but I'm currently loving Shot From The Street (love her YT as well). 

23. What is your favourite high street shop?
H&M or Topshop or Zara. But I've been loving Missguided recently.

24. Are you in education or do you work?
I'm a third year (ew) uni student, studying BA Fashion Management.

25. One thing that you are proud of?
My housemates! I'm always bragging about their achievements and we're helping each other get through the horror of third year. 

I tag:

If you're a blogger reading this - why not do this post too? And if you've already done this tag, link it below so I can check it out.
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16 October 2016

Interning at Temperley London

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In my last post, I mentioned that I had recently been interning at Temperley London. I thought I'd do an entire post on my internship as it was truly an amazing experience, and I wanted to document it!

How I got it:
My friend, fellow fashion management student and blogger Freya, interned at Temperley in June. She really enjoyed it and asked to come back, so when the team asked her to recommend a second intern, she nominated me! I went in for an informal chat with two of the Sales Executives, and got the internship for September.

What is Wholesale?
My internship was with the wholesale team, who's purpose is to sell (and manage) the collection to different department stores and boutiques across the world.  In the first week of my internship, we were creating training packs for these retailers, and making Excel documents on past annual sales of different wholesale accounts (retailers). I'll get onto the selling in a bit :)

London Fashion Week
An exciting part of the internship was the fashion show! In the lead up to the show, I updated the wholesale guest list (as guests were RSVPing during the week) made a FROW face sheet (got to be able to recognise those VIPs) and hand-delivered invitations. I also helped out on the day of the show and got to sit second row to watch it! (Watch the show here) After the show, we had the task of moving the collection from the venue to the showroom. It was quite special to be hanging up the collection in the showroom just hours after it had been premiered.
london fashion week lfw blogger spring summer 17 designer runway catwalk model
London Fashion Week LFW blogger runway catwalk model designer luxury
london fashion week LFW blogger runway catwalk designer luxury
London Fashion Week LFW spring summer 17 blogger runway catwalk model designer luxury
London Fashion Week, LFW, blogger, spring summer 17, designer luxury catwalk
London Fashion Week, LFW, luxury designer spring summer 17 blogger runway catwalk model

London Appointments
Now the show is over, the wholesale team needs to sell the collection. So, in their beautiful London showroom, we assisted appointments with clients such as Selfridges and Net-a-Porter, as well as international clients who were in London for LFW. Our tasks were to make drinks for the clients, dress the models and re-merchandise the collection.

We then went to Paris set up a showroom there during Paris Fashion Week, in order to catch the buyers and press that would be there during that time. The company rents out a gorgeous apartment near the Louvre, and we spent the first day setting up the space. Our tasks in Paris were similar to those in the London showroom but it was a lot busier, and there were times where we had to juggle several appointments at once! It was pretty hectic but meant that I learnt how to maneouver the new space fast.

Press appointments also were held in the Paris showroom, which meant magazines and TV stations came to visit for interviews and photo shoots, which was interesting even though I wasn't involved. It also meant that I got to meet Alice Temperley herself, which I wasn't expecting after hearing about friends' internships in other luxury fashion houses who never met the designer.
Paris PFW showroom designer luxury internship blogger
alice temperley, paris designer showroom, luxury, PFW internship blogger
Fashion interns, girls, designer showroom paris PFW blogger internship
Paris designer showroom PFW alice temperley blogger internship luxury
Paris balcony buildings, designer showroom apartment PFW blogger internship

Overall, I really enjoyed my time at Temperley London and I'm now considering a career in luxury wholesale once I've completed my degree. I got to experience a variety of tasks, from working at the show to setting up and merchandising the showroom to emailing in French! I now understand how the wholesale side of the fashion industry works much better and I got to know some really lovely people.

I'd definitely recommend getting an internship if you're thinking about it, especially if you want to go into fashion. And if you've done a fashion internship then share your thoughts in the comments! I'd love to know.

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13 October 2016

VELVET OBSESSION | October Wish List

girl from north london, fashion blogger, velvet lust list, zara, miu miu, new look, asos

Oops, I have been absent from the blog for what feels like ages (about a month) due to some exciting developments! I started an internship at Temperley London in September, which kept me pretty busy (and exhausted). It was an amazing opportunity, which took me to London Fashion Week and Paris and I learnt a lot. I won't go into much detail as I hope to put together a post on it soon! The internship ran into the first week of uni, so I moved all my stuff back to Winchester over the weekend and have been thrown into third year. 

Explanations over, let's move onto why you're here... the fashion. Velvet is a HUGE trend this season and one that I plan to wholeheartedly throw myself into. Luckily the shops have my back so I've put together a selection of velvet bits that I'm lusting for.

First up are these embroidered culottes from Zara. As an enthusiastic culottes wearer, I want a pair in every colour and style. So naturally I fell for this velvet pair as soon as I saw them. Plus they're embroidered (also super on-trend) which gives a Gucci vibe (which I am forever after).

Next is this First & I slip dress, which is a beautiful navy shade. As we know, I love slip dresses especially with a bit of lace. I'd wear this dress over a long sleeved top and fishnets in the day, then remove the top and add a bold lip for night.

Onto a bit of lingerie... I love this velvet bralet from New Look. I think the style is simple enough to have on show beneath a sheer top, or shirt unbuttoned lower than normal. It's a beautiful burgundy, which screams autumn just as much as velvet does.

My favourite colour of this wish list has to go to these gorgeous pale pink heels. I also love the style of the shoe - the almond toe and ankle strap are so pretty! While the chunky heel ensures steady footing. Now, can someone point me in the direction of a matching crop top please?

On the way to my internship, I'd pass the New Bond Street Miu Miu store every morning, and I'd have to stop myself from drooling in front of their windows all day. As well as these pink kitten heels that I need, I also fell head over heels for their velvet shoulder bag. I love the combination of the quilted black velvet with the silver chain and it's the perfect size. It would also go with everything, and look so chic worn crossbody over a jacket.

The final piece is this lace-edged crop top from New Look. I have so many black crop tops in my closet but I wouldn't hesitate to buy more, because I wear them all the time and find them so easy to style! I'd wear this one with a leather skirt or a pair of culottes, then throw on an oversized jacket worn undone to show off the velvet.

Let me know if you'll be wearing velvet this season, and what is your favourite piece?

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Gosh, all this velvet makes me want more pairs of fishnets... I think they're a match made in heaven.

15 September 2016

STREET STYLE: Transitional Dressing

girl from north london, fashion blogger, pinterest round up, autumn, fall, ootd, outfit
girl from north london, fashion blogger, pinterest round up, september, autumn, ootd
girl from north london, fashion blogger, pinterest round up, ootd, outfit, autumn
andy heart, girl from north london, fashion blogger, pinterest round up, ootd, outfit
girl from north london, fashion blogger, pinterest round up, ootd outfit autumn
girl from north london, fashion blogger, ootd, outfit, pinterest round up, autumn fall
All images taken from Pinterest
September is a strange month, fashion wise. We're leaving summer but autumn is not quite upon us. Yesterday it rained all day, whilst today was blue skies and sunshine. Weird weather aside, September brings the feeling of a fresh start, and for a lucky few: fashion week. Everyone wants to refresh their wardrobe but it's hard to know where to start when the weather is so unpredictable. So, as always, I turned to my good friend Pinterest for some inspiration. And here's the pointers I came up with:

1. Don't put away the summer wardrobe yet!
Hold on to your cami tops and sandals, just pair with warmer pieces. A velvet jacket or a pair of step-hem jeans will bring your summer clothes into late September.

2. Light layers are the way forward
Why not wear a t shirt under your dress? Or a shirt under your leather jacket? Even a dress worn over trousers can work for a brave few.

3. Bare some skin...
...strategically! Especially as I'm constantly on the tube, I am wary of getting too hot, thus I always make sure that I bare a little skin. Maybe I'll ditch the jacket and let my arms loose or I'll bare my ankles with a cropped trousers and flats combo.

4. Mix in dark colours
When transitioning your wardrobe into autumn/winter, the easiest way to update is to mix in dark colours. I'm loving navy, burgundy, dark green and of course BLACK! The same goes for heavier fabrics: think denim, leather, velvet...

For more transitional street style, why not check out my accompanying Pinterest board?

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11 September 2016

OOTD // Alexandra Palace

fashion blogger, ally pally, slip dress and white t-shirt adidas superstars zara h&m
fashion blogger, ally pally, ootd, ootn, outfit post, slip dress white t-shirt zara
fashion blogger, slip dress, white t-shirt, zara, ootd, ootn outfit post
fashion blogger, ally pally, ootd, ootn, outfit post, slip dress, white t-shirt, zara
fashion blogger, outfit post, ootd, ootn, slip dress, white t-shirt, street style, ally pally
fashion blogger, outfit post, ootd, ootn, slip dress, white t-shirt, zara, ally pally, street style, stairs
fashion blogger, outfit post, ootd, ootn, lace black slip dress, white t-shirt, earrings, lipstick, ally pally
fashion blogger, outfit post, ootd, ootn, street style, stairs, slip dress, white t-shirt, zara
ZARA slip (sim/sim) | H&M t-shirt | UO bag (similar) | ADIDAS superstars

These images were taken at dusk the other day, when my sister and I went up to Alexandra Palace for a drink with our cousins. The timing of this means that the brightness of the photos fluctuates quite a bit despite my best Photoshop efforts. However I quite like how they turned out, and the low light and pink skies were beautiful. I'm so lucky to live near Ally Pally, it's such an amazing place to walk around with incredible views of London. It often has events on, so if you're ever in North London, I'd highly recommend visiting this landmark.

I based this look around the slip dress and white tee trend that I have been loving, evidenced in my post: Street Style: The Slip Dress. I stumbled across this beautiful slip dress in the Zara sale (which is why I couldn't provide a direct link - sorry!) and wore it quite a bit without a T-shirt in hot Japan. But as soon as I was back, I popped into my nearest H&M to pick up a white tee to recreate the trend. I then threw on my trusty studded shoulder bag (my fave for nights out) and I won't even mention the Superstars, because I've featured them far too much on here!

Photography: Asha Oguri
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8 September 2016

One Choker Four Ways

As a nineties girl at heart, I am a big fan of chokers. Whilst I steer clear of most jewellery, I find that chokers sit well with my style, and are surprisingly versatile. They are perfect for adding a little edge to an outfit, and I find that they'll always start a conversation. 

I picked up this 2 strap leather choker with a triangle charm from a shop in Harajuku when I visited Tokyo last month. I thought I'd style it four ways to show how versatile this piece is, and give a little style inspiration. 

1. Off-The-Shoulder
fashion blogger, accessories, jewellery, off the shoulder dress zara
This styling needs no introduction, as a choker and a OTS top/dress seemed to be the combination of the summer. It comes as no surprise, as that much bare skin is crying out for some decoration. This look is the most foolproof out of the four, as it will work with any choker. There's no need to even look in the mirror! This dress is from Zara and was featured in my latest OOTD.

2. Unbuttoned Blouse
fashion blogger, accessories, jewellery, leather, topshop blouse, lips
I wasn't sure if this look would work, but I actually love the outcome. I pulled on this silky blouse from Topshop that I've had for aaages, popped open the top two buttons et voilĂ ! Smart casual transitioned into daywear, with an edge. I love how you can just see the delicate triangle of the choker peeking out. I'm definitely going to wear this look again.

3. The Slip
fashion blogger, zara black lace slip dress, leather choker, accessories, jewellery, lips
For this look, I paired the choker with another big trend this season: the slip dress. I love how the leather of the choker toughens up the feminine lace of the slip. This style of dress reveals a lot of décolletage, and the choker adds some interest to this area, without taking away the impact of the deep V. You could also recreate this look with a cami or a v-neck top.

4. Round Neck
fashion blogger, accessories, jewellery, leather triangle, pink bershka ribbed round neck top
Since I started wearing chokers about 3 or 4 years ago, I've always styled them with round neck tops. I love how the shape of the neckline echoes the shape of the choker. Also, a lot of my round neck tops are quite plain, so the addition of a choker adds some interest. This top is from Bershka and I styled in an OOTD during my visit to Bath.

What was your favourite look?
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5 September 2016

OOTD // Mirror Mirror

outfit post, OOTD, cafe garden, girl, fashion blogger, zara, adidas, sunglasses
outfit post, ootd, fashion blogger, mirror, cafe garden, zara, rose gold sunglasses
outfit post, OOTD, fashion blogger, girl, zara, blue, white
outfit post, OOTD, fashion blogger, details shot, zara, cafe garden
outfit post, OOTD, fashion blogger, cafe garden, zara, rose gold mirror sunglasses
outfit post, OOTD, fashion blogger, cafe garden, zara, pink fence, rose gold sunglasses
outfit post, OOTD, fashion blogger, zara, cafe garden, mirror, rose gold sunglasses
outfit post, OOTD, fashion blogger, details shot, zara, adidas superstar trainers, cafe garden
outfit post, OOTD, fashion blogger, cafe garden. zara, pink fence, rose gold mirror sunglasses

So my sister and I stumbled upon this tumbledown garden at the back of a local cafe the other day, and found that it was the perfect spot for outfit shots! How cool is the mirror?? Might have to pop back here for future OOTDs.

I bought this off-the-shoulder dress from Zara at the beginning of August and I bloody love it! It's so flattering and easy to style, and is nice and breezy for the humid weather that we're having at the moment. It also brings a little colour and pattern into my wardrobe (yes, blue stripes are daring for me). I threw on my leather jacket over the dress, which I am looking forward to wearing more in September as temperatures drop. I'm also wearing these amazing mirror sunglasses from Ebay, that Lily Melrose blogged about a while back. I fell in love with the design, and at £8.95(!) it's a no brainer. On my feet (are they ever not?) are my Adidas Superstars, which are looking a bit worse for wear. I'm considering repurchasing them, or something similar. Let me know if you have any white trainer suggestions!

Photography: Asha Oguri
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