10 December 2015

Thigh High Boots & Roll Neck Dress

ootd, outfit post, look, fashion blogger, cocoon coat, zara bag, autumn winter 2015
ootd, outfit post, look, street style, fashion blogger
ootd, outfit post, details, over knee suede public desire boots, black zara handbag, look, fashion bloggerootd, outfit post, street style, look, fashion blogger
ootd, outfit post, look, fashion blogger, street style, details, topshop statement stud earrings, rimmel apocalips, new look
ootd, outfit post, look, street style, fashion blogger

New Look has been a surprising new discovery of mine. I was browsing through my local store and found this dress. It's wool content and roll neck make it a super warm yet smart piece and I have been wearing it loads recently. Dresses for daywear are another new discovery, as they're so simple to style, meaning morning dramas over getting dressed have been reduced!

Cold weather means the over knee boots come out, and I think they go well with the dress - its length exposes only the smallest portion of skin. So I refrain from swamping myself in material without freezing to death! I've also got on one of my favourite pairs of earrings on, which are super heavy but worth it for their aesthetic. Finally I threw on my trusty cocoon coat and Zara handbag.
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4 December 2015

Paris in Rome: Chanel Pre-Fall 2016

So the Chanel Métiers D'art show happened on Wednesday, this time in Rome, and I really enjoyed it. I don't normally talk about Chanel shows as the social media hype makes me switch off and their collections (although beautiful) just don't fit in with my personal style. However at the sight of lacy stockings and black leather I was on the Vogue Runway website the minute I got in from uni. I thought I'd select my favourite looks from the show, although with 80 looks(!) it was hard to narrow it down.

This look is full on yet simple. A slightly sheer black jumper and a skirt with a coat tied around the waist. However the skirt is patent leather, the coat covered in chiffon and ruffles the accessories are lace stockings and pearl embellished pumps. Luxurious but not try hard. 

How bloody gorgeous is this? An ankle length slip in a clingy ribbed material, with white lace inserts topped with an oversized check coat. I love the sheen of the outerwear fabric, and this beautiful offering of sleepwear for day use is too good to be true.

This look has a rock and roll vibe, emphasised by the teased beehive and dramatic liner. Lagerfeld ingeniously takes the quilted leather used in their famous handbags and transforms it into a two piece. I love the boxy shape of the skirt which emphasises the hips, whilst the lace softens the garments. Plus I always fall for the flash of midriff between a crop top and high waisted skirt.

The lengthening effect that the pleats on this dress has is so elegant and with the golden nude colour it has a grecian feel. The choker with its masses of looping pearls shrouding the shoulders screams decadence, giving a regal air to this look.

I adore this oversized leather coat with statement buttons casually thrown over the shoulders. The dress underneath is relatively demure, but the silver ring at the waist and massive hoops on the ears add an element of kink.

I'm not a tailored two-piece kinda girl but this look makes me want to be! I just love the muted grey colour, and the print which works well with it. The trousers are a beautifully flattering shape and the black accents on the blazer lapel and cuffs are such a chic addition.

This jumper reminds me of the cropped knitwear seen at the Dior Spring 2016 show, through the pattern and colours used. But what drew me to this look was the ankle length leather skirt which I would rock if I was daring enough! 

The Chanel Métiers D'art show cleverly appears when we are in a fashion show drought, and gives their fans new images to gasp over and products to save up for. It also brings excitement to cities where their workshops are based, which I think is a wonderful way to pay tribute to their artisans globally.

2 December 2015

December Wish List

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REISS shearling aviator jacket | CHEAP MONDAY leopard sunglasses | NEW LOOK high neck jumper | STEVE MADDEN bgrand handbag | MOTEL meadow slip dress | SAINT LAURENT line leather wallet

December is here! I'd love to enjoy this festive month but with the pressure of deadlines looming, presents to buy and work being busier and crazier than ever (I work part-time in a well-known British coffee chain) I haven't been able to stop and do all of that lovely traditional stuff. Hopefully it will calm down soon and I can drink mulled wine to my heart's content. This is also my pathetic explanation for the drop in blog posts - sorry! Onto the wish list...

I spotted this shearling aviator jacket on InTheFrow's blog and fell in love. I have been on the hunt for a black one for a while, but this muted grey number is a gorgeous alternative (also available in blush pink btw). It would go with absolutely anything - skinny jeans, a skirt, over a party dress - and keep you toasty warm in this bitter weather. At £895 it is out of my price range, but a girl can dream right?

Next up is a product that may be seen as more summer-appropriate. But I am a great believer in that sunglasses can be worn all year round. We do get those crisp, bright days in the UK where you are freezing to death yet still squinting in the sun. So these are totally justified. And if I drove, I would use that excuse too! I'm lusting after this particular pair due to the unique leopard print and blue lens combination. I also love the circle shape as I've found that this suits my face shape.

I tried this jumper on in New Look but it was too big (I'm a size 8-10 and put on a 12 out of desperation), then tried it on in the right size (8 if you're curious) but in blue. So naturally I've been regularly checking in on the website to see if they have it in stock. They haven't for the last week. So I'll list the reasons I love it to make it more painful: 
1. It's a beautiful charcoal grey
2. It's high-necked (on-trend and cosy) 
3. It's cropped (I like to pair high waisted and cropped pieces to focus on the waist - a lot of my looks are based on this)
4. Looks a lot more expensive than it is and...
5. I am in desperate need of knitwear as I don't have any and its f***ing freezing out there

I saw this Steve Madden bag on a recent 'What's In My Bag' on Lily Melrose's channel and was checking it out on a new tab faster than you can say "links in the description". I love the combination of silver studs and black leather (check out this OOTD for proof) and it's size, which sits somewhere between a bag for your phone and lipstick and a bag for carrying your laptop plus several folders around in. I think it would be perfect for daily use. It's separate compartments are handy and I also haven't had a bag with a long strap in a while, so I quite fancy one.

Next is this slinky number from Motel. I've had an eye out for dresses as party season is coming up and I haven't bought any partywear in aaages. This one caught my eye due to its gorgeous slip shape and the simplicity of the design. However the shininess of the material (which some may find gross but I think is 90s fabulous) keeps it from being boring. I think it will fit in nicely with my growing collection of LBDs.

The last item is this new season leather wallet from Saint Laurent. I know the colour is totally impractical but I think its stunning. The white with black detailing reminds me of the accessories in the LV Series 3 exhibition. I also really need a new purse as mine is on its last legs, and the Saint Laurent wallet has double the card slots, which as a self-confessed loyalty card hoarder is necessary.
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