23 November 2015

A Girl's Guide to Grown Up Lingerie

I haven't done a lingerie post in a while so I was itching to write something on the subject. I am a self-confessed lingerie addict and the obsession started during secondary school, when I was in that awkward stage between a girl and a young woman. And I was particularly awkward indeed! 

I wanted to graduate from pastel cotton panties and Angel bras into something more grown up. But I wasn't ready to jump into the g-string and super push-up bra category quite yet. Now don't get me wrong - this desire wasn't due to wanting to impress or seduce anyone - it was more to feel like my age and feel good about myself and my body.

As I got older I made little changes to my lingerie collection and took the chance to experiment. And yes, I have made a few lingerie faux pas in that time. I have developed a good knowledge within this area and now can manoeuvre the lingerie department with ease.

It's hard knowing where to begin as there are so many different styles out there so I've decided to break it down, starting with knickers.

1. Lady Pants
Think of these as a hybrid of boy pants and Brazilian knickers (see below). The boy pant shape has been cut a little higher (flattering those cheeks!) and comes in beautiful, feminine designs. I think they're best in a silky fabric, possibly printed, and edged with lace. In a nutshell, they provide coverage whilst being very pretty!
FLEUR DU MAL crocheted briefs  |  CALVIN KLEIN perfectly fit briefs  |  H&M lace hipster briefs  |  UO rose smoke knickers

2. Bikini/ Mini Knickers
Slightly smaller than the lady pants is the bikini style. Sometimes called mini knickers if they are lower cut but essentially the same style. I can guarantee that pretty much every lingerie brand/department/section will have plenty of these. These cover your bottom in a rounded shape (unlike the lady pants which tend to be more boxy) and the fabric is elasticated all the round the sides, with or without lace. Basically like a typical bikini bottom. You can't go wrong with a pair of these.
TOPSHOP mini knickers  |  L'AGENT mirabel briefs  |  STELLA McCARTNEY panelled mesh briefs  |  H&M navy briefs

3. Brazilian Knickers
These are super glamorous. Think of these as the stepping stone between knickers and thongs. They are pretty high cut and sheer lace is used to cover the remainder of the bottom. This style is timeless and classy... I can imagine an Old Hollywood starlet lounging round in a silk kimono and a pair of these.
TOPSHOP brazilian knickers  |  SIMONE PÉRÈLE lace briefs  |  LEPEL LONDON georgie brazilian  |  HEIDI KLUM lace thong

4. Flattering Thongs
Buying your first thong may be a little scary. But the number one rule to follow is: anything that looks like a capital T will flatten. So if you don't want that effect, don't risk the purchase. Thongs are great when wearing anything form-fitting, such as a tube skirt or skinny jeans. There's no risk of that awkward VPL. Also - provided you buy a good pair - thongs are actually super comfortable despite their appearance. 
TEZENIS indie chic thong  |  LA PERLA tulle and neoprene thong  |  CALVIN KLEIN foil thong  |  HANKY PANKY emma thong

I have decided to cover bras in a separate post, so if you liked this keep an eye out for A Girl's Guide to Grown Up Lingerie: Part Two! Also let me know if you think I haven't covered something or you have any questions. I'd love to hear your opinion.

Remember: I've written this to inform about the different styles available and to encourage you to have fun with lingerie, but you should wear whatever makes you feel comfortable. No one should pressure you into wearing anything you don't want to.

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