29 October 2015

October Favourites

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October is at its close and I still don't have a Hallowe'en costume! I predict last minute shopping and fake blood. Anyway onto the products that I have been loving this month. 

1. ASOS brogues
ASOS truffle patent leather black brogues, fashion blogger
I featured these shoes in my recent OOTD, and have adored wearing them this month. I love their polished look - I'm digging patent leather at the moment. I also like their pointy style, which give a powerful vibe. I also want pointy patent ankle boots which seem to pop up everywhere at the moment. 

Maison ves primark candles scented coconut vanilla patchouli amber sexy man
It's become a house tradition to make a hot drink, flick on our fairy lights and light our candles when we get home from a long day at uni or work. I featured this gorgeous vanilla and coconut one in my home haul, and the Primark candle is a more recent purchase. I think its packaging is pretty sleek for Primarni and it smells like a sexy man so I was sold.

3. TWININGS & TESCO peppermint tea
peppermint tea, twinings tescos lifestyle blogger
The hot drink I was referring to above is 9 times out of 10 a peppermint tea. In fact I'm drinking a cup as I write this. I love it's clean, refreshing taste whilst being comforting. Speaking of clean, the tea has a single ingredient: peppermint, and is caffeine free - perfect before bed. I've included two versions that I drink - Tesco's own and Twinings. I bought the branded version to compare, and I found they were pretty similar. However for the same price, I can get double the amount of Tesco's tea than Twinings. I'm not paying for additional ingredients, just the brand. So I'm saving it for guests and I'm not likely to repurchase.

 4. DYMO label maker
Dymo label maker, retro, shabby chic, lifestyle blogger
The room I moved into came with an industrial filing cabinet, so I thought I'd embrace it and add a retro vibe with a label maker. I have gone a bit crazy with it, and have to rein myself back so I don't waste tape. I love its effect, and it looks great on my shabby chic drawers - I feel like a Pinterest goddess. 

5. RIMMEL fix & perfect pro primer 
Rimmel Fix and perfect pro primer, boots, drugstore, beauty blogger
You may have seen that I was on the market for a new drugstore primer in my September wish list. I thought I'd purchase the Garnier Perfect Blur but whilst in Boots I realised it was £13 for a tiny tube. So I moved onto Rimmel, and swatched the Fix and Perfect primer, applying a little concealer on top to see the effect. I was pretty happy so I decided to try it out at home. I have been wearing it every day since, I like it so much. It's a thick but blendable formula that smoothes the skin and makes my foundation last a lot longer - a godsend for long shifts or nights out. 

6. MISSGUIDED bomber 
Missguided black cropped bomber jacket, shirt dress, fashion blogger, high street
This bomber I featured in an outfit post this month and an OOTD in my post on Louis Vuitton Series 3. Off the blog I have been wearing it to death, as it is a perfect balance of smart casual. Plus despite being cropped, it's super warm and cosy which is why I reach for it on most occasions. 

7. Bedtime Yoga
yoga with adriene youtube channel, bedtime, lifestyle blogger
As I am incredibly busy at the moment, I have been focusing on my sleep to ensure that I don't crash and burn. I've downloaded a Sleep Better app and try to avoid screens for half an hour before bed. Another tactic I've been trying is yoga. About an hour before bed I'll roll out my mat, stick YouTube on and watch a Yoga With Adriene video. My favourites at the moment are Day 1 of her 30 Days of Yoga series and her Bedtime Yoga sequence. It improves flexibility, stretches out my aching limbs and winds the body down for bed. I could fall asleep during the savasana at the end.
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