21 October 2015

Louis Vuitton Series 3

On Friday, I went on a day trip to London and the first thing on the agenda was LV Series 3. The exhibition - tailored for social media - had been on my radar for a while so I was desperate to go. 

One of the first rooms we visited featured this cage-like sphere, which was reflected in the mirror ceiling, having a dramatic effect. Meanwhile, Adèle Exachopolous (Blue is the Warmest Colour) reads a poem by Juergen Teller en français and in English.

Then we walked through this white tunnel into a circular room which again used mirrors to maximise the experience. The screens on the walls showed models talking about LV and iconic prints and pieces spun around us. It gave the illusion that the floor was moving, and some complained about motion sickness.
Spinning in the tunnel

Another highlight was the runway room, where screens showed the latest collection from Louis Vuitton and the tour guide described the main influences for the collection, which included Oriental, Scandinavian and androgyny.

My favourite room of the exhibition would have to be the accessories room. We stepped out of a dark corner into a bright white space, making me squint for the first couple of minutes. The brightness made the accessories stand out, perfect for taking pictures!

The final room displayed the latest collection in plastic cases. I love this sheepskin jacket so much - apparently there were only 10 made in Europe! It was super soft and double lined. The monochrome ensemble below was inspiring and I also had to include the limited edition handbag made specially for the LV Series 3 exhibition.

I came away with a poster and stickers! Pretty good considering entry was free as well. The brand has a motive though - our tour guide kept on encouraging photos and repeating the phrase "#LVSeries3". The gain behind an exhibition like this is the social media frenzy it starts, and the desire for Louis Vuitton it builds.
Stickers & Poster
Gazing into the distance like a tourist on Southbank... Wearing a black bomber, shirt dress and white trainers. 


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