23 October 2015

Home Haul

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IKEA rug
In Sex and the City 2, Carrie Bradshaw admits to "cheating on fashion with furniture" which I can empathise with now! Those who regularly read my blog will know that I moved into a new flat in September for my second year of uni. Naturally much spending commenced, and my wishful procrastinating on Net-a-Porter switched to Anthropologie. I promised a home haul in my September Favourites and a month later (oops) I've finally delivered!

1. IKEA cacti
ikea cacti, window sill
Meet Gertrude, Paul and Bill - my baby cacti! I picked them up in IKEA and they have been living happily on my windowsill. They are so cute (I have an obsession with mini things) and are super low maintenance. They are an easy way to add life to a rented flat and I love seeing them when I open my curtains in the morning.

2. HM Cushion Covers (x/x)
H&M cushion covers, bed, monochrome
IKEA bed frame & covers
I wasn't happy with any of the cushions I had seen on my shopping outings, so I turned to the internet. The first site I went to was H&M Home and I found these beauties! They fitted in with my colour scheme well (white, grey and a lil bit of black) and I love the drama of the prints. The eye print went straight in my basket and after some deliberation the other followed. I was super excited when I realised the print was people Vogueing - how fab?! And they're from the Conscious Collection so the purchase was guilt free.

3. LIGHTS4FUN fairy lights
fairy lights, lights4fun, silver, bedOnce I bought this bed frame I knew I needed fairy lights to wrap around its bars. They make the room seem cosy and welcoming especially in the colder months! Plus these ones are a gorgeous "maroq" design, meaning I can enjoy them even when they're off.

4. MAISON VES candle
maison ves candle, scented vanilla coconut
I was given this candle at Blogger's Fashion Week and I couldn't wait to bring it to my new flat. Candles were forbidden when I lived in university halls last year, so I was excited to burn some in my new flat! This one is vanilla and coconut scented, which smells divine. I don't normally go for sweet scents, but the fragrance isn't cloying so its very pleasant. It's also slow-burning, meaning it will last for a while, and I love the "#BLOGGERSRULE".

5. PRIMARK hot water bottle
hot water bottle primark faux fur
This year I have to worry about bills (ugh) so blasting the heating whenever I want isn't an option. Therefore I thought a hot water bottle would be a good investment for chilly nights ahead. I chose this one because faux fur (duh) and at £6 it was a no brainer. Its super soft, which is perfect for snuggling with.

6. TIGER expresso cups
tiger expresso cup stand
tiger expresso cup coffee
My friend Alex got me these expresso cups for my birthday, as she knew I love coffee. Maybe I talk about coffee too much, I also received a coffee face mask and two homemade coffee cakes... all from different people. Anyway, I love the monochrome typography aesthetic, and they make me feel like I have my shit together. Yes, I have an expresso cup stand next to my cafetière. Would you like a coffee? Alex has such good taste and gives good presents (she also gave me green tea candles and a bottle of rosé).

7. IKEA LED lamp
ikea copper led lamp
I get a lot of compliments on this lamp, its normally the first thing people comment on when they visit my room. I needed a lamp because I'm too cosy in bed to turn off the main light (lazy girl problems) and I fell in love with its sleek design and copper colour. I also appreciate how bright it is, and its LED so I don't have to change the bulb!
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