28 September 2015

September Favourites

September is coming to an end and lots has happened this month. I moved into my new flat (I now live with two of my girlfriends) and I started my second year of university. In first year I studied Fashion Marketing and Management and this year the course has split into two pathways and I chose Fashion Management. We also pick up an option module this year and I chose Writing for the Creative Industries, so hopefully my blog writing will improve! Anyway, on to the products that have been keeping me sane during this hectic month.

I went to Ikea shortly after moving into my flat and as soon as I clapped eyes on this plant it was love. The pot is separate but both are incredibly cheap. I just love the pairing of green and white, it seems so fresh and uplifting. I don't think I'm quite responsible enough for real plants yet, so I bought one I can't kill.

These earrings were a birthday present from my flatmate Aneesha. She took inspiration from my marble obsession and got me this pair. I love their clean and chic feeling, and earrings are the only jewellery I wear on a daily basis so these have got a lot of use during September. 

I’ve heard about this mascara on the blogosphere for the last couple of months, so when my Maybelline Colossal ran out and they released Lash Sensational in waterproof I immediately bought it (my mascara always transfers). I was amazed by it the first time I tried it, which is saying something because mascara is normally too wet during the first few uses. After a good pump with the curlers I applied Lash Sensational, which resulted in lengthened, separated and fuller lashes, which held a curl. I know mascara is a personal thing and everyone has different preferences, but this formula is worth the hype. So if you’re on the market for a new mascara, try this one!

This glitter waterfall case was featured in my July wish list and I bought it shortly after. I meant to feature it in my August favourites and forgot, but I have been loving it through both months. Not only is it glitter, but all the contents swim about when I move my phone, which has provided endless entertainment for me and my friends. The initial reaction tends to be "Ooh!" before grabbing it and being mesmerised by watching the glitter fall.

This diffuser was part of my anniversary present from my boyfriend, as he remembered me loving the scent (cute). I started using it after I moved and I absolutely love its elegant design and fruity scent. The only sad thing is that it will eventually run out. I became obsessed with diffusers last year when I was living in halls and candles were forbidden, and it seems that this obsession will continue.

This brand is relatively new and their nail polish is designed to be salon quality. I received this bottle at Blogger’s Fashion Week, and have subsequently been wearing it for the rest of September. The formula is pleasingly opaque, one coat is definitely good enough, but I apply two out of habit and fear of chipping. It also dries quickly. This shade is a classic red in natural light, and under my yellow bulbs it turns a brick red shade.

I'm excited for October and Hallowe'en! And I'm planning a collective home haul, as I've gathered quite a few items for my new flat (my bank account is suffering) so watch this space!



  1. Hope you're enjoying your new flat girl. :) I lovee the setting that you have that "Pin On Pinterest" when an image is hovered. How did you get it to do that if you don't mind sharing?

    1. Thanks! The Pin on Pinterest setting came with my blog template, which I got from Pipdig. I don't know how to get it without that but hopefully that helps a bit!


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