22 September 2015

H&M AW15 Campaign

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When I was browsing through the October issue of Vogue the other day, this advertising campaign for H&M caught my eye. This is quite unusual as its normally the glossy luxury ads at the front of the magazine that stand out.

It was a two page spread in the magazine, which highlighted the difference in style between each photo. The first page shows two models sitting in a cafĂ©, the male with his arm around the female model. He is turned towards her – is he looking at her face? Smelling her hair? Moments before a kiss? In contrast she gazes moodily into the lens, appearing to be uninterested, but leans into him and clasps his hand, conveying closeness. She wears a long sleeved dress in a dark floral print (predicted to be a big trend this season) paired with suede lace-up thigh highs (again, a predicted trend). In the centre of the image the price is displayed, the font bigger than “dress”, which is refreshingly affordable next to the 3-figure plus prices we are used to seeing in Vogue. High end brands also tend not to display price on a campaign, it is not their selling point.

The second page is shot in monochrome, possibly to reinforce the darker mood, and is a close up of the model’s face. However the focus is on the rings on her fingers and the metal clasp of her handbag, implicitly demonstrating that H&M have a large accessories selection. The cuffs of her jumper are also visible, but it is the checked rattan of the chair that stands out.

Overall I found this advertising campaign appealing, and whilst this may be biased as I am already a loyal H&M customer, I am further encouraged to shop there this Autumn.

Which campaigns stood out to you this season?

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