28 September 2015

September Favourites

September is coming to an end and lots has happened this month. I moved into my new flat (I now live with two of my girlfriends) and I started my second year of university. In first year I studied Fashion Marketing and Management and this year the course has split into two pathways and I chose Fashion Management. We also pick up an option module this year and I chose Writing for the Creative Industries, so hopefully my blog writing will improve! Anyway, on to the products that have been keeping me sane during this hectic month.

I went to Ikea shortly after moving into my flat and as soon as I clapped eyes on this plant it was love. The pot is separate but both are incredibly cheap. I just love the pairing of green and white, it seems so fresh and uplifting. I don't think I'm quite responsible enough for real plants yet, so I bought one I can't kill.

These earrings were a birthday present from my flatmate Aneesha. She took inspiration from my marble obsession and got me this pair. I love their clean and chic feeling, and earrings are the only jewellery I wear on a daily basis so these have got a lot of use during September. 

I’ve heard about this mascara on the blogosphere for the last couple of months, so when my Maybelline Colossal ran out and they released Lash Sensational in waterproof I immediately bought it (my mascara always transfers). I was amazed by it the first time I tried it, which is saying something because mascara is normally too wet during the first few uses. After a good pump with the curlers I applied Lash Sensational, which resulted in lengthened, separated and fuller lashes, which held a curl. I know mascara is a personal thing and everyone has different preferences, but this formula is worth the hype. So if you’re on the market for a new mascara, try this one!

This glitter waterfall case was featured in my July wish list and I bought it shortly after. I meant to feature it in my August favourites and forgot, but I have been loving it through both months. Not only is it glitter, but all the contents swim about when I move my phone, which has provided endless entertainment for me and my friends. The initial reaction tends to be "Ooh!" before grabbing it and being mesmerised by watching the glitter fall.

This diffuser was part of my anniversary present from my boyfriend, as he remembered me loving the scent (cute). I started using it after I moved and I absolutely love its elegant design and fruity scent. The only sad thing is that it will eventually run out. I became obsessed with diffusers last year when I was living in halls and candles were forbidden, and it seems that this obsession will continue.

This brand is relatively new and their nail polish is designed to be salon quality. I received this bottle at Blogger’s Fashion Week, and have subsequently been wearing it for the rest of September. The formula is pleasingly opaque, one coat is definitely good enough, but I apply two out of habit and fear of chipping. It also dries quickly. This shade is a classic red in natural light, and under my yellow bulbs it turns a brick red shade.

I'm excited for October and Hallowe'en! And I'm planning a collective home haul, as I've gathered quite a few items for my new flat (my bank account is suffering) so watch this space!


27 September 2015

MFW: No. 21 SS16

I sign up to quite a few mailing lists for different fashion blogs and websites, so there is a lot of fashion week coverage in my inbox. Scrolling through a BoF Fashion Week email, I came across a designer I hadn't heard of before. But the image appealed to me so much that I immediately took a screenshot as a reminder to write the blog post you are reading now. The show was No. 21, headed by creative director Alessandro Dell'Acqua.

The designer's inspiration for the collection was Corrine Day, the nineties and Tina Modotti. Both Modotti and Day are both photographers, but from different time periods, so Dell'Acqua's inspiration was rather broad. More so when the BoF dismisses these claims and instead notes that he channels "early Vivienne Westwood, Comme des Garçons and his beloved Helmut Lang." I am no expert on the designer, but the collection seems to have nightwear influences and plays with layering and different textures. 

This look is the one that attracted me to the collection. I love the soft pastel dress with its plunging neckline, rather like a slip. Its layered over a basic white tank, giving a more wearable daytime look. The addition of toeless socks give a 90s/normcore vibe.
milan fashion week, catwalk, look, model

I am not a stripes girl. However this shirtdress confection with silvery stripes appeals to me. Its a mix between an old-fashioned nightdress and a shirt borrowed from the boys. I also love the contrast between the short hemline and sleeves so long they hide the hands. Very sensual.
milan fashion week, catwalk, look, model, spring 201

The round sunglasses feel so Milan Fashion Week don't they? I love the yellow tinted lenses. This dusky pink ensemble has a schoolgirl-all-grown-up vibe. It features a slouchy shirt, tucked into a low waisted pleated skirt. The strips hanging down gives the look a cool, undone look.
milan fashion week spring 2016, look, catwalk, model

The main feature of this look is the dress, held up by dungaree-style straps. The fabric of the skirt hangs at different lengths. The feather embellishments add an element of glamour, softened by the basic tee worn underneath.
milan fashion week, look, spring 2016, model, catwalk

This top has more of a 70s vibe, with the coloured vertical stripes. I dig the high neck. The skirt is in a vibrant red snakeskin and the never-ending slit exposes the majority of the thigh, the lengthy tee protecting her modesty. 
milan fashion week, look, catwalk show, spring 2016

I had to end with this look, and it was the penultimate look of the show too. I love the gothic romance of it, despite the outfit being a pair of dungarees over a white tee. Thin black lace is layered over white chantilly to give a textured, feminine look. The black stitching and gathering looks so dramatic over the white. The tassels on the straps are a nice addition.
milan fashion week, look, spring 2016, catwalk show, model, lace

On the accessories front, alice bands - with or without silver embellishment - were worn at the front of the hairline, giving a youthful look. The stand-out piece was the sandals, leather tasseled and feathered confections worn with toeless socks.

Overall I adored this collection, with its nightwear-inspired, oversized, sexy look. What did you think of the No. 21 show?

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Images from Vogue.com
References: No. 21's Walk on the Wild Side, BoF


25 September 2015

LFW: Street Style SS16

london fashion week, acne, blue hand bag
After flicking through the Spy page of the Vogue website, I felt inspired to do a short post rounding up my favourite street style looks from the recent London Fashion Week. Unfortunately these images don't have the traditional backdrop of Somerset House as its no longer the hub. But without lingering too long on this tragedy, here are the looks! 

london fashion week spring 2016, double distressed denim, moschino sports bra
This double denim look has the cool factor, a status brought by the frayed edging and the open back, displaying a Moschino sports bra beneath. I love the addition of the leopard print bag, and of course the wearer has a pastel mane.

london fashion week spring 2016, black, brown boxy bag, pleats, dior boots
Love the high neck and zip detail of this dress, as well as the stand-out pleating of the skirt. The never-ending vinyl boots are daring, and I love the detailed heel. My favourite part of this look has to be the boxy leather bag she carries like a lunch box.

all black, oversized leather jacket, jumpsuit, issey miyake bag, silver trainers, london fashion week spring 2016
This girl is rocking grey hair, the same shade that I wanted to dye mine a few years back (but was too scared). I love an all-black outfit, especially one that keeps interest with different textures. The oversized leather jacket gives an air of nonchalance to the jumpsuit with crimped trousers. She carries a classic Issey Miyake bag and pairs them with matching silver trainers.

london fashion week spring 2016,  faux fur blue jacket, patterned circle skirt, lace up heels
This outfit features the classic coat-over-the-shoulders-plus-iPhone fashion week look. This particular coat is a rather gorgeous shade of blue, in faux fur. The skirt is beautifully printed and the circle shape compliments the style of jacket. Paired with a lace-up heels this look is right up my street.

Which look was your favourite?
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Images from Vogue.com

24 September 2015

J.W.Anderson SS16

So London Fashion Week began and where was I? In my bare shell of my new flat in Winchester. I was having major FOMO and without wifi I couldn't even keep up with the shows. A rather bashful Sky electrician came round yesterday and hallelujah I have internet! I've been glued to my laptop screen for hours now, watching the shows I had missed. 

One show that stood out to me from LFW was J.W.Anderson, a designer I've never been that interested in before. Naturally, it was the structured bras that attracted me, the lingerie addict that I am. In my research I found out that Anderson's production processes were intentionally very complicated to prevent copycats, an inevitable consequence for many designers. 

Firstly, I had to include the stand out, boldly wired bra. The contrast of these designs to the lacy, cleavage-enhancing affairs that we are used to seeing is striking.
fashion, catwalk, model, London Fashion Week, lfw, spring 2016

I love the squiggly print inspired by the 80s Keith Haring/Vivienne Westwood collab, even featuring in the two cross bag combination. The Leg o' Mutton sleeves bring a bold, Edwardian vibe to the look, that seems contrastingly modern. 
lfw, london fashion week, catwalk, model, rtw

I love sheer materials, the seduction, layering and variety. This look brings all these elements together. The sweet-wrapper sheen of the camisole brings innocence to the peek-a-boo element. And I love the draping and gathering of the black sheer trousers, exposing the lace beneath.  
lfw spring 2016, London Fashion Week, sheer, catwalk, model

Sorry, I just had to include another bra! And I love the pastel underbust corset with lace-up detailing, paired with the textured pencil skirt. The colour-blocking of the skirt cleverly slims, whilst the 90s-esque metallic square-toed shoes stand out, the confused face of the blonde on the frow saying it all. 
lfw spring 2016, London Fashion Week, model, catwalk, pencil skirt, designer

Even though I am not a girly girl and tend to shy away from pink, something about this frou-frou pastel number drew me to the look. Perhaps its the edge of the leather obi belt that deducts from the sickening sweetness of the lace. The A-line skirt again features the squiggle motif, and the appliqué appears to be stuck on by gobstoppers.  
lace, model, catwalk, lfw spring 2016, London Fashion Week

Looking at beauty, the look was very natural and dewy with a pretty blush. Brows were groomed but unfilled and the lips had a just bitten flush. The hair was pulled back into a simple ponytail, exposing the flawless skin.
Beauty, face, model, skin, dewy, minimal makeup
beauty, backstage, skin, dewy, luminous, ponytail, model, natural, flawless, lfw spring 2016, London Fashion Week

What do you think of the J.W.Anderson collection?

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22 September 2015

H&M AW15 Campaign

vogue magazine, fashion blogger, advertisement, glossy

When I was browsing through the October issue of Vogue the other day, this advertising campaign for H&M caught my eye. This is quite unusual as its normally the glossy luxury ads at the front of the magazine that stand out.

It was a two page spread in the magazine, which highlighted the difference in style between each photo. The first page shows two models sitting in a café, the male with his arm around the female model. He is turned towards her – is he looking at her face? Smelling her hair? Moments before a kiss? In contrast she gazes moodily into the lens, appearing to be uninterested, but leans into him and clasps his hand, conveying closeness. She wears a long sleeved dress in a dark floral print (predicted to be a big trend this season) paired with suede lace-up thigh highs (again, a predicted trend). In the centre of the image the price is displayed, the font bigger than “dress”, which is refreshingly affordable next to the 3-figure plus prices we are used to seeing in Vogue. High end brands also tend not to display price on a campaign, it is not their selling point.

The second page is shot in monochrome, possibly to reinforce the darker mood, and is a close up of the model’s face. However the focus is on the rings on her fingers and the metal clasp of her handbag, implicitly demonstrating that H&M have a large accessories selection. The cuffs of her jumper are also visible, but it is the checked rattan of the chair that stands out.

Overall I found this advertising campaign appealing, and whilst this may be biased as I am already a loyal H&M customer, I am further encouraged to shop there this Autumn.

Which campaigns stood out to you this season?

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16 September 2015

Riviera Style Resort & Swimwear Since 1900

fashion blogger, fashion & textile museum, ftm

As a goodbye to summer, I (finally) went along to the latest exhibition at the Fashion & Textile Museum in London: RIVIERA STYLE. The exhibition is a wonderful collection of resort and swimwear pieces since the 1900s, and I enjoyed seeing the drastic change in swimwear over the decades.

One of the earliest pieces in the exhibition is this nautical inspired bathing dress from the 1900s. Its made of wool so would have been extremely heavy when wet. I can't imagine what it would be like to swim in it!
fashion blogger, fashion and textile museum, swimming costume, vintage, ftm

I love the floral print on this sarong style piece from the 1940s, and the flattering shape of the top. 
sarong style swimwear bikini 1940s, floral print fashion blogger

This playsuit is super cute! The feminine bodice and flared shorts work well together and seems more modern than the forties - it wouldn't surprise me to see girls wearing this style today. 
pink cotton playsuit, fashion blogger, vintage retro beachwear

This fifties beach ensemble is gorgeous. I love the relaxed shirt paired with the full skirt, and the print and light cotton make this outfit an elegant summer ensemble.
Beach ensemble, printed cotton, fashion blogger, retro, vintage
 This pink corselet (1950s) stood out to me as I think that vintage lingerie is so elegant. This piece was exhibited to demonstrate how the design and cut of lingerie was adapted for swimwear.
Pink corselet, lingerie, retro, vintage, fashion blogger

This suede 'Casino' bikini was similar to the one worn by Ursula Andress in the 1962 Bond film Dr. No. It caught my eye as it reminded me of the current suede trend. 
suede bikini, vintage, retro, beachwear, fashion blogger

More sixties bikinis, its interesting to see how designers experimented with different shapes whilst still being quite revealing. I particularly like the one with black mesh.
1960s bikinis, beachwear, retro, vintage

How elegant is this bathing cap? A far throw from that awful rubber thing I had to wear during school swimming lessons!
bathing cap hat retro vintage fashion blogger

Overall, I loved this exhibition! I worked at a swimwear company this summer so have become a lot more in tune to swimwear trends. Looking back at resort fashion from the past century was a nice refresher. A perfect way to round up the summer. This exhibition has finished, but I would recommend the Fashion & Textile museum to any fashion enthusiasts. Their next exhibition is on Liberty I believe and they also offer short courses for those interested in fashion as a career.

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14 September 2015

NYFW: Alexander Wang SS16

As always I have been keeping an eye on New York Fashion Week and one show that caught my attention was Alexander Wang. I have always been a fan of his edgy, branded collections with their sporty vibe. This collection was the label's 10th anniversary and Wang pulled off a great show to mark the occasion.

Wang took inspiration from streetwear and the mundane (perhaps as a backlash to the end of his time at Balenciaga?) and embraced the chaos: There's not a single story-line, not a single type of girl..." 

One of my favourite pieces was this leather bustier with chain link straps, paired here with fraying jeans and a bucket, reinvented for the catwalk in snakeskin.
NYFW, new york fashion week, bucket hat chain link leather bustier

I love slip dresses, so this look caught my eye. It fits in with the pyjama dressing theme seen throughout the show (as do these gladiator slippers?) and the addition of the long camel coat makes the look elegant.NYFW new york fashion week slip camel coat

The sleepwear theme is continued, with this soft bra seen through the translucent striped top in this look. And Wang's signature military/sporty vibe is demonstrated by these trousers with the exposed zip and go-faster stripes.NYFW new york fashion week, soft bra, sheer

My last favourite look is this military jacket with fringing detail. Fishnet is used both for the top and layered over distressed denim. The high neck gives a sporty feel, whilst the accessories (those shoes!) toughen up the look.NYFW fringing military jacket fishnet

For the first time, Alexander Wang included men on the catwalk. Here are my favourite menswear looks, I particularly like the dungarees...
NYFW new york fashion week dungarees menswear
NYFW new york fashion week menswear
NYFW new york fashion week, black boiler suit streetwear menswear
On the beauty front, the look was kept very natural. Perfect glowy skin, brushed out brows and big awake eyes were the focus, keeping the attention on the fashion. 
NYFW beauty
NYFW beauty natural brows
NYFW beauty natural

And as always, Wang ended the show with his signature runway run.
Wang's signature runway run, happy, designer

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