11 June 2015

Style on a Budget... Thrifty Vibes

As a fashion enthusiast, growing my wardrobe and adapting my style is very important. However, this can be challenging whilst on the disposable income of a student. Therefore, I have compiled 3 thrifty ways to refresh your wardrobe without breaking the bank. 

Yes, I know they smell funny and often look like the opposite of a fashion haven, but don't be quick to judge. Sort through all the out of date Primark, questionable fleeces and mini-skirts, and you will be rewarded. Its the hunt that sets it apart. I like to get up early and do a round of the local charity shops with my sister, who has an eagle eye for hidden gems.

denim jacket, trousers, OOTD, cropped

OOTD, denim jacket, cropped jumper
CHARITY SHOP denim jacket | H&M cropped jumper | CHARITY SHOP trousers | OFFICE heeled sandals

I got these trousers from a charity shop a while back, and I still love them. Here I paired them with a cropped jumper and heeled sandals, which work well with the exposed ankle. I threw on this oversized, pale denim jacket which gives a casual vibe to the look and keeps me warm in UK weather! 

2. DIY
This one sounds daunting, I know. But with certain stores charging ridiculous prices for simple alterations, (*cough* Urban Outfitters *cough*) and millions of blog posts/YouTube videos on fashion DIY, then there's no reason not to have a go.

crop top, denim shorts, converse, OOTD

crop top, denim shorts, converse, OOTD

 DIY elasticated crop top | TOPSHOP denim mom shorts | CONVERSE trainers

This DIY was made using a huge t-shirt I found in a charity shop. I chopped off the bottom, inserted, and sewed in elastic and rolled up the sleeves. If you want a tutorial on this crop top, leave a comment and I'll get on that!  

tights, diy, OOTD, dr martens, fishnets, school skirt

diy, tights, school skirt, black, OOTD
DIY tights crop top | M&S school skirt | ASOS fishnets | Dr Martens boots

Yes, as the name suggests, I did make this top out of a pair of tights. I know it's not everyone's cup of tea, but it's a thrifty way to produce a sheer, long-sleeved crop top. I paired it with my trusty pleated skirt and toughed up the look with fishnets and beat-up DMs. 

An upgrade to the charity shop, the hunt here isn't for the piece, but the price. Tip: always ask for a discount if stained/faulty in any way - normally easily fixed. If you're in London, try Rokit, (Covent Garden or Brick Lane, wouldn't advise the Camden store) Beyond Retro or the East End Thrift Store. 

OOTD, checked shirt, slip, dior

vintage, dior slip, OOTD, girl, sun, black
Vintage checked shirt (similar @ Rokit) | Vintage Dior slip 

My sister and I have collected quite a few checked shirts as they're easy to throw on over anything as a light cover-up. This slip is vintage Dior, and I found it in a vintage store for fifteen pounds. I couldn't believe it. Naturally I bought it straight away. It just proves that the effort is worth it. 

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Photo credit to Asha Oguri (IG: @ashaoguri)



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