14 June 2015

My Bucket List | Summer 2015

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I have just finished my first year at university (it flew by) and have a incredibly long summer holiday ahead of me (4 months to be exact). Due to my lack of a job and general brokeness, I'm not going abroad, however I'm taking the opportunity to do more locally. Therefore I have made myself a bucket list to inspire a hopefully memorable summer!

1. Complete my internship.
As you may know, I study fashion marketing and management, and to gain a career in the industry, I need to have experience at a fashion company. At the moment, I have taken on the role of the social media, marketing and sales intern at Rose Powder (read my post on the company here). I am learning a lot through the experience and gaining a valuable insight.  

2. Make a summer playlist.
I am a music lover, and making playlists always gets me excited for upcoming events. I have quite a varied taste, from Hip Hop/Rap to Garage to Alternative to 80s. Certain songs always take me back to previous summers and I want to make fresh music memories. 

3. Explore my city further. 
I've lived in London since I can remember, but there are places in the city that I still haven't visited. For example, I'd love to go to Portobello Market and Notting Hill. 

4. Grab a drink at a rooftop bar.
London has an amazing skyline, but due to the British weather you wouldn't catch me on a roof at any other time of the year! Thus, I will definitely sip a mojito atop a building at least once this summer. The Queen of Hoxton is apparently good and Radio Rooftop Bar is featured in the header image. 

5. Host a Mexican party!
Who doesn't love a party? Or a theme? I'm thinking a piñata, day of the dead skulls and tequila.

6. Have a champagne afternoon tea.

Basically an excuse to eat pretty finger food and drink bubbly in the afternoon.

7. Go to the breakfast club.
So many of my favourite London-based bloggers have been here, and I'm always super envious of their accompanying Instagram pictures. I may also return in the evening, apparently the Spitalfields location houses a hidden bar.  

8. See Savage Beauty at the V&A.
It's Alexander McQueen. Enough said.

9. Work on my tan.
I'm not going abroad this year so I'm going to have to dedicate time to sun my skin. Or try self-tanning.

10. Get my nails done. With all the extras.
Since I'm not going to have to be taking notes or typing reports its the perfect opportunity to get my nails done. I'm talking stiletto nails with glitter and accessories and maybe even piercings.

11. Find super healthy restaurants. 
I went to the Wild Food Café in Covent Garden the other day and loved it. It's super healthy, vegan and gluten free, but what impressed me the most was the range on the menu. It was so refreshing! I find that eating out and unhealthy/over-eating tend to go hand in hand so I want to find more healthy places to dine out.  

12. Learn to cook with super foods.     
Following on from the last one, I want to learn how to cook things like quinoa or kale or make a acai bowl for breakfast.

13. Stay overnight in a hotel.
I've never stayed in a hotel in London before, and I love the idea of a luxurious night in or being able to crash after inner city cocktails. I'd either like to stay in the centre or I've been eyeing up some quirky ones in Shoreditch.

14. Visit God's Own Junkyard.
I have an obsession with neon artwork, and this place is a gold mine. Located in East London, the 'junk yard' is filled with countless neon signs, perfect for dreaming about the interior of my future abode.

15. Go to an open air cinema.
I keep on seeing events for open air or drive-in cinemas in London and watching a classic film on a summer evening (with a pitcher of Pimms) sounds so cute!

16. See a production in the West End.
I haven't seen anything in the West End for years and its a real shame, since Theatre Land in London is one of the best in the world. I've been looking at The Book of Mormon and The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime.

17. Learn to do a standing forward fold.  
I'm not one of those super bendy yoga people, but when I do take the time to incorporate stretching into my daily routine I do get quite flexible. This yoga pose looks super impressive and I like to set myself these kind of challenges.

18. Master the three 'M's.
By the end of the summer, I will be able to whip up the Martini, the Margarita and the Mojito. 

19. Get dressed to the 9s. 
I hardly ever get dressed up for anything. My wardrobe is quite casual and I don't really go to any black tie events. So the idea of wearing a evening dress, heels and dramatic make up is appealing to me. 

Hopefully I get all of the above done by September, and perhaps I'll make a follow up post on what I managed to complete. 

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  1. i'd really love to visit london in the summer! i think i'm going in october though :)

    danielle | avec danielle // giveaway

    1. Yes, London is great in the summer but you'll have an amazing time whenever you go :)


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