22 April 2015

My Top Five Fashion Bloggers/Vloggers

Kayla Hadlington - www.kaylahadlington.com

I love this girl's OOTDs, as do many. She has a pastel/kawaii aesthetic to her style and blog, which I may not wear, but admire. I respect her dedication to the charity shop.

SoothingSista - YouTube channel

My favourite YouTuber, Stephanie's style is impeccable. She shares my obsession with thigh high socks, and has a grill (jealous). I am also in love with her drawling accent. Speaking as a half Japanese brit, it's hard to find role models of asian descent in western culture. Stephanie and her circle of friends (including clothesencounters and fashionista804) beyond fulfil this. 

Feral Creature - www.feralcreature.com

Another of SoothingSista's friends, Eugenie is stunning and her style is perfect. I am also crazy jealous of her hair, and her Instagram is well worth a look (warning: you may be unsatisfied with your lifestyle afterwards). 

Fashion Filth - www.fashionfilth.com
                YouTube channel

I discovered Lexi through her YouTube channel and spent hours watching her videos. Her personality is a bit kooky but really likeable, and I love her chic yet fun style. Her blog is equally good, and features fab OOTDs. She also has an amazing Chanel and Louboutin collection - luxury lovers, check her out! 

In The Frow - www.inthefrow.com
                                 YouTube channel

Victoria's style is chic and fashion-forward, yet makes her ensembles wearable. She is very into pastel colours, denim and ankle-length coats. If you're looking for smart/casual inspiration, Victoria's looks are ideal. I actually met Inthefrow at London Fashion Week in February, and she seemed like a lovely person.  


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