4 February 2015

Lusting Over Creepyyeha

I was first introduced to Yeha Leung about a year ago when I was flicking through a friend's photos on her phone and came across a screenshot.

-What. Is this?? 
-I know!

We were gushing over Creepyyeha lingerie, modelled by the designer herself, Yeha Leung. I loved her lingerie and styling so much that I used to regularly check her Instagram on my PC before I even had a smart phone. And that is dedication. Who goes on Instagram without an account??

What makes Creepyyeha different from other lingerie brands is the bondage-esque feel, with a unique spin. Who knew you needed leg cuffs (leather garters that sit below the knee) until now? Despite the bondage influence, the designs have an air of innocence. Perhaps its the pastel colours or the designer herself that retain this purity, as she looks stunning not sleazy. This lingerie is worn for the woman, not her partner.

Ira Leg Cuff

Yeha Leung is the personification of the brand. According to her Instagram, it does seem that she goes out with her lingerie exposed. But her ingenious styling means that she still looks modest yet hot. Leung makes it seem effortless, but I may have attempted to imitate her in the past and failed ashamedly. It's a thin line. 

Leung in her daily attire

The beautiful FKA Twigs (a personal favourite) is also a fan of Creepyyeha and often wears her designs during her shows.

FKA Twigs in a custom Creepyyeha choker

And I'll sum up, as always, with a wish list (this one was especially hard to narrow down):


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