25 January 2015

My Top Five High Street Fashion Staples

My staples are reliable pieces that I wear all the time, every season, and my wardrobe would not be the same without them!

1. H&M Tube Skirts
These are definitely a staple for me. I currently have three in my wardrobe (two black, one grey) and I wear them all year round. In the summer I pair them with bare legs and converse and in the colder months I wear them with tights and ankle boots. If I'm wearing a tube skirt, I usually throw on a jumper or loose crop top because I like to keep the silhouette balanced - one half fitted and the other more relaxed.

2. M&S Tights
M&S isn't normally the first port of call for the fashion conscious 18-year-old, but as a UK inhabitant and a skirt lover, I wear a lot of tights and M&S offer hands down the best ones on the market. The fabric is smooth, doesn't bobble, ladder or get loose threads. I prefer the Body Sensor 40 Denier ones, as these are good quality and I like it when you get the hint of skin showing through. I also think they slim the legs. I typically wear them on their own, or with over-the-knee socks for wintery days.

3. Topshop Jeans
I have always had a pair of Topshop jeans in my wardrobe. Even when I was still shopping from the childrenswear in other stores, my mum and I would get my skinny jeans from the petite section in Topshop. My favourites are the Jamie jeans, as they are high-waisted and the fabric is slightly elasticated, meaning they hold you in and are super flattering. They also end just above the ankle which is perfect for wearing with boots. The colour also doesn't fade and they keep their shape.

4. Zara Handbags
For reliable, classic handbags at reasonable prices, Zara is the best on the high street. Their handbags are catwalk inspired, but aren't seasonal so you can wear them all year round. They also look more expensive than they are, are better quality than others on the high street and don't break easily (Topshop, here's looking at you).

5. Topshop Jewellery
I'm not the biggest jewellery shopper, but large earrings to cover my lobes are a necessity! I want them to be massive, which can be hard to track down but Topshop provide many options. I like their rings and I need one of their collars in my collection.  The jewellery section in the Oxford Street flagship is one of my favourite places to browse. I was once approached in there by a man clutching several statement necklaces, exclaiming "Is this the place to be?!" in his accented voice. I guess he was just as taken by the huge range of jewellery as me.

Wearing three of my staples

And here's a lil wish list for y'all:

1 - www.topshop.com/en/tsuk/product/clothing-427/jeans-446/jamie-jeans-3533644/moto-washed-black-jamie-jeans-4064819?refinements=category~%5b330512%7c208527%5d&bi=1&ps=20

2 - www.topshop.com/en/tsuk/product/bags-accessories-1702216/jewellery-469/earrings-674/enamel-detail-studs-3758645?refinements=category~%5b210009%7c208556%5d&bi=41&ps=20

3 - www.topshop.com/en/tsuk/product/bags-accessories-1702216/jewellery-469/necklaces-672/torque-collar-4034919?bi=1&ps=20

4 - www.zara.com/uk/en/collection-ss15/woman/handbags/mini-city-bag-c358019p2411042.html


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