21 January 2015

Affordable Lingerie

The way I feel about lingerie is different to any other apparel that I wear. Its delicate and beautiful, and v sexy. If I had unlimited money, I probably would have more underwear than a Victoria's Secret factory, however as a student, I have a limited budget for pretty knickers.

But underwear is very important to me. I feel better about myself when I know I have lacy set on, even if no one else sees it. Its like a bold lip, or heels -  it instantly gives you a confidence boost. 
Obviously I swoon over lingerie from La Perla and Agent Provocateur etc, but I have grudgingly accepted that is not going to happen during this life stage. Affordable, decent yet sexy underwear can be hard to find when you are searching for that perfect bra or lacy thong. So I thought that I would review my highstreet favourites. 

Yes, I know. Most girls from the UK will have been to M&S with their mums to get measured and handed sensible cotton t-shirt bras. But, for those that appreciate comfort from their bras and are not too fond of the push-up, its a good option. I would recommend the Limited Collection underwear for something more seductive than schoolgirl. And for those that can afford to splurge, the Rosie for Autograph collection is gorgeous. 

I love the knickers available from Topshop. They have a huge range to match all ages and personalities, and I have bought pretty much all the styles. For modest and comfortable styles I would recommend the Boypants and the Ladypants. One style you must NOT buy are the all lace briefs. These were the most uncomfortable panties I have worn in my life, and trust me I have worn a lot of different underwear. From a girl to a girl - don't put yourself through that.


The thongs, mini knickers and Brazilian thongs are a little more racy and are flattering on. However I'm not a fan of their ruched-style elasticated briefs. I find them unattractive on. 
I have been put off buying Topshop bras I find they don't fit very well, and two of mine are unwearable because the underwiring has worked its way out of the bra, exposing sharp metal - not safe! 

I am very fond of H&M lingerie. I find that their bras fit me well, look great on (and off) and are crazy affordable. I have had some of my bras for over a year now, and they haven't broken, or fallen out of shape. However, the majority of their bras do have padding which may mean this brand isn't suitable for some. 

This Italian underwear brand is very affordable and seems to have a permanent sale on. Their flagship store on Regent's Street has an unappealing exterior with massive 'sales' signs plastered over the windows, but persevere! Their lingerie ranges from basic to racy and each style comes in a variety of colours. Their garments flatter the body and are so affordable. I have walked out there with two pairs of panties and a bra for £12. 

Urban Outfitters:
Yes, this retailer is pricier than those mentioned above, but they do the best triangle bras on the highstreet. For those who like lacy, delicate, barely-there lingerie - this is the place for you. Their briefs are also very flattering and comfortable - rare in the girly world of underwear - and you can get 20% off if you buy three briefs or more. 

One of my favourite times to buy underwear is during the sales. My top places to visit are Boux Avenue, Gilly Hicks and Victoria's Secret. They may seem inaccessible at other times of the year but are crazy discounted during certain periods. 


1 - Topshop

2 - H&M

3 - Tezenis

4 - M&S

5 - Urban Outfitters


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