15 September 2016

STREET STYLE: Transitional Dressing

girl from north london, fashion blogger, pinterest round up, autumn, fall, ootd, outfit
girl from north london, fashion blogger, pinterest round up, september, autumn, ootd
girl from north london, fashion blogger, pinterest round up, ootd, outfit, autumn
andy heart, girl from north london, fashion blogger, pinterest round up, ootd, outfit
girl from north london, fashion blogger, pinterest round up, ootd outfit autumn
girl from north london, fashion blogger, ootd, outfit, pinterest round up, autumn fall
All images taken from Pinterest
September is a strange month, fashion wise. We're leaving summer but autumn is not quite upon us. Yesterday it rained all day, whilst today was blue skies and sunshine. Weird weather aside, September brings the feeling of a fresh start, and for a lucky few: fashion week. Everyone wants to refresh their wardrobe but it's hard to know where to start when the weather is so unpredictable. So, as always, I turned to my good friend Pinterest for some inspiration. And here's the pointers I came up with:

1. Don't put away the summer wardrobe yet!
Hold on to your cami tops and sandals, just pair with warmer pieces. A velvet jacket or a pair of step-hem jeans will bring your summer clothes into late September.

2. Light layers are the way forward
Why not wear a t shirt under your dress? Or a shirt under your leather jacket? Even a dress worn over trousers can work for a brave few.

3. Bare some skin...
...strategically! Especially as I'm constantly on the tube, I am wary of getting too hot, thus I always make sure that I bare a little skin. Maybe I'll ditch the jacket and let my arms loose or I'll bare my ankles with a cropped trousers and flats combo.

4. Mix in dark colours
When transitioning your wardrobe into autumn/winter, the easiest way to update is to mix in dark colours. I'm loving navy, burgundy, dark green and of course BLACK! The same goes for heavier fabrics: think denim, leather, velvet...

For more transitional street style, why not check out my accompanying Pinterest board?

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11 September 2016

OOTD // Alexandra Palace

fashion blogger, ally pally, slip dress and white t-shirt adidas superstars zara h&m
fashion blogger, ally pally, ootd, ootn, outfit post, slip dress white t-shirt zara
fashion blogger, slip dress, white t-shirt, zara, ootd, ootn outfit post
fashion blogger, ally pally, ootd, ootn, outfit post, slip dress, white t-shirt, zara
fashion blogger, outfit post, ootd, ootn, slip dress, white t-shirt, street style, ally pally
fashion blogger, outfit post, ootd, ootn, slip dress, white t-shirt, zara, ally pally, street style, stairs
fashion blogger, outfit post, ootd, ootn, lace black slip dress, white t-shirt, earrings, lipstick, ally pally
fashion blogger, outfit post, ootd, ootn, street style, stairs, slip dress, white t-shirt, zara
ZARA slip (sim/sim) | H&M t-shirt | UO bag (similar) | ADIDAS superstars

These images were taken at dusk the other day, when my sister and I went up to Alexandra Palace for a drink with our cousins. The timing of this means that the brightness of the photos fluctuates quite a bit despite my best Photoshop efforts. However I quite like how they turned out, and the low light and pink skies were beautiful. I'm so lucky to live near Ally Pally, it's such an amazing place to walk around with incredible views of London. It often has events on, so if you're ever in North London, I'd highly recommend visiting this landmark.

I based this look around the slip dress and white tee trend that I have been loving, evidenced in my post: Street Style: The Slip Dress. I stumbled across this beautiful slip dress in the Zara sale (which is why I couldn't provide a direct link - sorry!) and wore it quite a bit without a T-shirt in hot Japan. But as soon as I was back, I popped into my nearest H&M to pick up a white tee to recreate the trend. I then threw on my trusty studded shoulder bag (my fave for nights out) and I won't even mention the Superstars, because I've featured them far too much on here!

Photography: Asha Oguri
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8 September 2016

One Choker Four Ways

As a nineties girl at heart, I am a big fan of chokers. Whilst I steer clear of most jewellery, I find that chokers sit well with my style, and are surprisingly versatile. They are perfect for adding a little edge to an outfit, and I find that they'll always start a conversation. 

I picked up this 2 strap leather choker with a triangle charm from a shop in Harajuku when I visited Tokyo last month. I thought I'd style it four ways to show how versatile this piece is, and give a little style inspiration. 

1. Off-The-Shoulder
fashion blogger, accessories, jewellery, off the shoulder dress zara
This styling needs no introduction, as a choker and a OTS top/dress seemed to be the combination of the summer. It comes as no surprise, as that much bare skin is crying out for some decoration. This look is the most foolproof out of the four, as it will work with any choker. There's no need to even look in the mirror! This dress is from Zara and was featured in my latest OOTD.

2. Unbuttoned Blouse
fashion blogger, accessories, jewellery, leather, topshop blouse, lips
I wasn't sure if this look would work, but I actually love the outcome. I pulled on this silky blouse from Topshop that I've had for aaages, popped open the top two buttons et voilà! Smart casual transitioned into daywear, with an edge. I love how you can just see the delicate triangle of the choker peeking out. I'm definitely going to wear this look again.

3. The Slip
fashion blogger, zara black lace slip dress, leather choker, accessories, jewellery, lips
For this look, I paired the choker with another big trend this season: the slip dress. I love how the leather of the choker toughens up the feminine lace of the slip. This style of dress reveals a lot of décolletage, and the choker adds some interest to this area, without taking away the impact of the deep V. You could also recreate this look with a cami or a v-neck top.

4. Round Neck
fashion blogger, accessories, jewellery, leather triangle, pink bershka ribbed round neck top
Since I started wearing chokers about 3 or 4 years ago, I've always styled them with round neck tops. I love how the shape of the neckline echoes the shape of the choker. Also, a lot of my round neck tops are quite plain, so the addition of a choker adds some interest. This top is from Bershka and I styled in an OOTD during my visit to Bath.

What was your favourite look?
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5 September 2016

OOTD // Mirror Mirror

outfit post, OOTD, cafe garden, girl, fashion blogger, zara, adidas, sunglasses
outfit post, ootd, fashion blogger, mirror, cafe garden, zara, rose gold sunglasses
outfit post, OOTD, fashion blogger, girl, zara, blue, white
outfit post, OOTD, fashion blogger, details shot, zara, cafe garden
outfit post, OOTD, fashion blogger, cafe garden, zara, rose gold mirror sunglasses
outfit post, OOTD, fashion blogger, cafe garden, zara, pink fence, rose gold sunglasses
outfit post, OOTD, fashion blogger, zara, cafe garden, mirror, rose gold sunglasses
outfit post, OOTD, fashion blogger, details shot, zara, adidas superstar trainers, cafe garden
outfit post, OOTD, fashion blogger, cafe garden. zara, pink fence, rose gold mirror sunglasses

So my sister and I stumbled upon this tumbledown garden at the back of a local cafe the other day, and found that it was the perfect spot for outfit shots! How cool is the mirror?? Might have to pop back here for future OOTDs.

I bought this off-the-shoulder dress from Zara at the beginning of August and I bloody love it! It's so flattering and easy to style, and is nice and breezy for the humid weather that we're having at the moment. It also brings a little colour and pattern into my wardrobe (yes, blue stripes are daring for me). I threw on my leather jacket over the dress, which I am looking forward to wearing more in September as temperatures drop. I'm also wearing these amazing mirror sunglasses from Ebay, that Lily Melrose blogged about a while back. I fell in love with the design, and at £8.95(!) it's a no brainer. On my feet (are they ever not?) are my Adidas Superstars, which are looking a bit worse for wear. I'm considering repurchasing them, or something similar. Let me know if you have any white trainer suggestions!

Photography: Asha Oguri
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3 September 2016

WISH LIST | September 2016

girl from north london, blogger, fashion, make up, beauty, lifestyle, self portrait, gucci, charlotte tilbury

I'm sure you've heard enough people lamenting about the arrival of September, but needless to say summer has flown by. I'm wearing my Zara off-the-shoulder dress as I write this, trying to ignore the coming transitional season. Anyway, onto the good stuff! What I've been lusting after in September, and I've been wishing for a lot of stuff lately due to the state of my bank account after a rather spendy summer.

First up, a bodysuit I spotted on another wish list by Emitaz (give her blog a peek if you like gorgeous travel, food and fashion photography) which immediately caught my eye due to it's beautiful blush colour. I also like the fact that the high neck compensates for the plunging middle, with a twist adding some interest. Bodysuits are great for pairing with high-waisted garments (no awkward lumps) and I think this pink number will look fab toughened up by a black leather skirt.

I keep on seeing others using Charlotte Tilbury's Colour Chameleons, and they look so easy to use, with such a gorgeous effect, that I need to get my hands on one! I was swatching them at a counter the other day, and the shade "Dark Pearl" really stood out to me. It is also designed for brown eyes (like yours truly) and looks like it will create a beautiful smoky eye... perfect for autumn! 

Next up, is this beautiful vase that Liv Purvis spoke about in a homeware haul. I loooove her style, even though she's into more feminine stuff than me, and when she pulled out this vase I immediately fell in love. I've wanted a vase for a while, because who doesn't love fresh flowers?! And I thought it would be the perfect item to bring back to my uni flat in October. It is stupidly beautiful, but is £30 too much to spend on a vase for a broke student?

Ok, ok so we have all been loving Gucci for quite a while now (can they do no wrong?) but I saw this backpack, which is the complete opposite to the Insta-friendly florals and thought it was perfect. Firstly, from a practical point of view, I'm on a shoulder bag ban at the moment, due to doing some damage to my poor right shoulder after years of lugging round heavy tote bags. It looks like it has a fair amount of storage, and a handy front pocket. And it's a classic design, so will last you more than one season, whilst the chain straps add something special.

Anyone that knows me well can tell you that I love:
1. Stupidly long acrylic nails and
2. Glitter (have you seen my dedicated Tumblr?)
So when I saw the Halo Hues collection from Color Club used in a tutorial, I had to put one in this wish list. They're reasonably priced, glittery, and HOLOGRAPHIC. I mean, if you're into nails, then you'll love this. I chose the shade "Miss Bliss" due to it's pink base, a colour I've been obsessed with recently. However, the entire shade range is desirable - I want them all!

Finally, I saw this stunning Self Portrait dress on Tamara Kalinic, and was captivated by the beautiful design. It comes in Self Portrait's trademark guipure lace, but the delicate straps and wrap-over detail make it different. I love the midi length, but the sheer lace panels mean that it isn't playing too safe. I think that this would be perfect for graduation or a wedding. I'm going to a Self Portrait sample sale soon, so I'm going to keep my eyes peeled for something like this!

What are you wishing for this month?
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30 August 2016

What I'm Loving In... August

monthly favourites, flat lay, beauty make up books sunglasses OPI
I'm soo sad that my favourite month, August, is on it's way out. But I'm determined not to get too down about summer's forthcoming departure, as I still have a month left before I return to uni and lots of exciting stuff planned. Anyway I thought I'd do a monthly favourites post, as I've been loving a few bits in August that deserve to be talked about! Onto the stellar products...

Heart Shaped Sunglasses
sunglasses instagram summer girl fashion blogger
monthly favourites, heart shaped sunglasses flat lay harajuku
As you may know (I went on and on about it on my Twitter, Insta and the Blog) I went to Japan this month, and whilst I was there I picked up these cute sunglasses from Harajuku! I've wanted a pair of heart-shaped sunglasses ever since I started listening to Lana Del Rey. I love the thin metal rims and the coloured lenses, which transition from purple to yellow. They're such a statement pair and so appropriate for summer!

OPI Tiramisu For Two
monthly favourites, OPI tiramisu for two nail polish varnish blogger beauty monthly favourites, OPI tiramisu for two nail varnish polish, beauty blogger
OPI has been my favourite nail polish brand for years now, I find their formula shiny and long-lasting and the brush is really easy to use (unlike their competitor, Essie). I saw this shade in my local pharmacy and fell for the pale nude colour. When I got it for my birthday, I was naturally ecstatic. It looks beautiful on, and is such a fresh and modern colour - unlike anything I've worn before. Also, how cute is the name?!

NYX Lip Lingerie // Bedtime Flirt
monthly favourites, nyx lip lingerie lipstick bedtime flirt swatch beauty blogger
monthly favourites, NYX lip lingerie lipstick bedtime flirt, swatch, beauty blogger, selfie
This liquid lipstick is another birthday present, and I love love it! I've wanted one of these for a while because:
1. Liquid lipsticks are my thing
2. Lingerie is an obsession of mine
3. Everyone has been saying how good NYX are
And I can see where they're coming from! The formula is opaque and super easy to apply. It's matte, a look I've been obsessed with ever since the Instagram baddie trend, AND it smells yummy. I also dig this shade, it's a beautiful dark nude with pink and brown undertones.

The Girls by Emma Cline
Monthly favourites, books, the girls, emma cline summer
Monthly favourites, books, the girls emma cline lifestyle blogger
So many people have recommended this book, both on and offline, and I'm going to have to join the chorus. It was a last-minute airport buy and I'm so glad I picked it up. I started reading it on the beginning of a 3-hour flight and finished it upon landing - that's how gripping it is. It's set in sixties California and is about a bored teenage girl and how she becomes involved in a Charles Manson-esque cult. I love the dreamy, summer feel to the novel and whilst I've never been in a cult, I can definitely relate to the protagonist. I can't recommend this enough - if you read one book this summer, read this one!!

LuLuLun Moisturising Face Mask
Monthly favourites, Lululun moisturising 7 day face sheet mask, japanese, beauty blogger
monthly favourites, beauty, lululun moisturising 7 day sheet mask, blogger
Quick disclaimer: my Japanese reading isn't that great so I can't tell you much about what this mask claims to do or what is in it.

What I do know is that it's v. moisturising and v. convenient. It is super easy to apply - just take it out of the packet and lie it on your face for 10 minutes. It feels nice and cooling on the skin, and pretty much forces you to recline so is very relaxing. I like to do this before bed, and then leave the residue on the skin to sink in overnight. It's also a good excuse to snapchat multiple selfies to your friends. I bought this in Japan, but I found an Amazon link for it ^^ so you can get it too!

What have you been loving in August? What products do you want to get? And have you read The Girls?!
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27 August 2016

JAPAN 2016 | Day Tripping

girl from north london, koi carp fish, ise jingu, travel blogger, mini seriesToday's post is the third and final instalment of my JAPAN 2016 series. If you haven't caught up with my posts on TOKYO and TAHARA go check em quick! Anyway back to this post on day tripping. During our stay in Japan, my family and I went on two day trips: one to a pottery town, and one to Ise Shrine.

Pottery in Seto:
My father was pretty keen on us all doing pottery, as Japan is famous for it's beautiful ceramics. We went to a pottery town called Seto, which is in Aichi Prefecture. Japan has quite a few pottery towns (I've been to a good one before called Tokoname) and if you're interested in ceramics, I'd recommend visiting one. These towns have lots of ceramic shops, classes and pottery walks, where ceramics are integrated into the trail.

Anyway, onto the class! We first chose the crockery we wanted to make (I went for a small bowl and a tea cup) before getting kitted out in a huge apron and shoes. The teachers helped us (with pretty good English) make the objects we had chosen on the pottery wheel. I think they turned out well! Finally, we picked out colours for our pottery, to be painted once they had been fired in the kiln. I'm excited to see the end result when they eventually get sent back to England.
girl from north london, pottery seto, traditional japanese, travel blogger mini series
girl from north london, pottery, seto, mini series, travel blogger
girl from north london, travel blogger, mini series, pottery, seto
girl from north london, pottery, seto, travel blogger, mini series
pottery seto girl from north london travel blogger mini series
girl from north london seto pottery traditional japanese travel blogger

Ise Shrine (Ise Jingu):
On another day, my family and I woke up super early to catch a ferry to take us to the city of Ise. This was a lovely way to get to Ise as we travelled through tiny islands covered in woodland.
girl from north london japanese islands woodland ferry ise atsumi travel blogger
girl from north london travel blogger ise japanese islands woodland ferry mini series
We then took the scenic Ise Skyline road, which you have to pay a toll to use, but totally worth it for the mountain drive and the incredible views. Unfortunately it was rather misty when we visited but it was still pretty amazing. We stopped at the observatory to take in the views and take photos. There is also a free foot bath should you desire to bathe your feet at the top of a mountain!
girl from north london ise skyline view panoramic travel blogger mini series
girl from north london ise skyline travel blogger view panoramic mini series
girl from north london, ise skyline, view, panoramic, travel blogger, mini series
Finally we arrived at the Shrine! Ise Jingu is the Shinto religion's holiet site. People come from all over Japan to pray here, as they have done for 2000 years. The shrine has been newly renovated and the G7 leaders were brought to Ise Shrine in May to showcase this national treasure. When we arrived, we first crossed a beautiful bridge, bowing at the Tōri (gate) before following an ornamental path. My sisters stopped to by lucky charms at a pristine stall before we clapped, bowed and prayed in three different shrines.
girl from north london, ise jingu shrine tori gate bridge travel blogger
girl from north london ise jingu shrine bridge river travel blogger
girl from north london ise jingu shrine lucky charms travel blogger
girl from north london ise jingu shrine travel blogger
girl from north london, ise jingu shrine, travel blogger
girl from north london, ise jingu, shrine, travel blogger, mini series
We also stopped to watch koi in ornamental ponds dotted about the grounds of the shrine. The fish were enormous and had such beautiful markings.
girl from north london, koi carp, fish, ise jingu shrine, travel blogger
girl from north london, koi carp, fish. ise jingu shrine, travel blogger
girl from north london, koi carp, fish, ise jingu, shrine, travel blogger
Our last stop was Oharai-machi, a bustling street very near to the entrance of the shrine. It has very good street food (we picked up grilled squid, sushi and matcha ice cream) and plenty of souvenir shops. I would recommend wandering down there just to soak up the atmosphere of this vibrant, traditional-style street.
girl from north london, oharai-machi, ise jingu shrine, street food, travel blogger
girl from north london, oharai machi, ise jingu shrine, travel blogger, street food
girl from north london, oharai-machi, street food, ise jingu shrine, travel blogger
girl from north london, oharai-machi, street food, ise jingu shrine, travel blogger

And so that brings us to the end of this post and the end of my JAPAN 2016 mini-series! Thank you so much if you've caught up with all of them, if not then click the links below. I've really enjoyed doing travel blogging, and I'd love to do more but that requires money (which I'm a bit low on atm). However I'm going to Paris in September so hopefully I'll be able to do a post on that! *watch this space*

Until then, I'm looking forward to chatting about my one true love - fashion - in this corner of the internet. Thanks again for reading,
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